The Difference Between a Family Farm and a Cooperative Farm


Family farms are small or medium-sized enterprises owned and run primarily by one family. The term also encompasses farms organized as cooperatives or nonfamily corporations.

In many developed nations, family farms are seen as something to preserve for reasons of tradition or as birthrights; often strangers come together in support of measures to safeguard this tradition.

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Family farms come in all forms: small homegrown operations that support family welfare or larger commercial operations that focus on sustainable agricultural practices. Whatever their size or scope, family farms play an indispensable role in every community by working tirelessly to promote health, security and well-being for those they serve.

Being forced out or drastically changing one’s farm operation can be life-altering. Adjustments need to be made across every aspect of a family’s lives and it may feel daunting; but learning can help us cope and adapt, especially with support from family, friends, and wider society.

Alan and Yolanda Young, along with their children Alana, AJ and Aaron, founded the intergenerational Young Family Farm in 2019. Through this farm they aim to educate all ages about sustainability, eating cleanly, supporting local business and taking control of their own destinies through education.

Family Farm also hosts free tours, workshops, and events for youth and adults. Alana uses her journalism degree, previous English teaching experience, writing skills and social media savvy to manage all marketing and communications for the farm – including social media posts, workshop lesson plan creation, tour schedule organization and event coordination. AJ passed away in 2022 as a physical force who assisted with heavy lifting duties often helping heavy lifters with heavy loads while he was beloved for his infectious laughter, love of music and comfort provided when people needed him most.

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Family farms and homes serve as independent ECHO Sales Only dealers. They sell ECHO products and accessories and offer superior sales support; however, these dealers typically do not provide on-site repairs or warranty service.

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Family Farm and Home may remain under the radar locally, yet its 19-outlet chain is quietly expanding to become one of Muskegon’s major businesses. Recently, Family Farm and Home bought the Hume Building on Morris Avenue near Third Street downtown Muskegon where they plan on moving their 20-employee headquarters within 60 days.

This company will continue operating their stores as independent family-owned businesses under their current names and brands, yet will now benefit from the cooperative’s merchandising expertise, distribution network, wholesale buying capacity for 27 existing stores in Michigan and Indiana, patronage dividend and other benefits.

Family Farm and Home has long been affiliated with the National Association of Federated Farmers since 2012. Furthermore, Family Farm and Home maintains some sourcing partnerships with other organizations such as Wisconsin’s Land O’Lakes for a line of frozen beefsteaks.

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