Lights & Sounds Family Home From Jazwares


Peppa Pig is an iconic animated show about an animal family living together with human-like clothes and houses – yet they snort like real pigs when sneezing or jumping through mud puddles!

Kids can enter Peppa Pig’s home with this 22-inch Lights and Sound Family Home from Jazwares! Featuring seven rooms across four floors and plenty of fantastic accessories!


Are your kids fans of Peppa Pig? The Lights & Sounds Family Home from Jazwares will surely delight them! Featuring four stories with seven rooms to explore, including loungers in the family room, a kitchen with refrigerator food storage space, a bathroom for washing before bedtime, and Peppa and George’s room with bunk beds; Mummy and Daddy Pig’s room where Mummy works on computer and study; telescope in attic and telescope to look into stars via attic telescope!

Children who love Peppa Pig will be thrilled to recreate some of the scenes they’ve seen on TV with this gift, such as playing scenes they saw while watching it. My favorite aspect, in my opinion, is the sound effects; for instance, every house needs its prime mud puddle spot, which even features fun sound effects when Peppa and her friends jump in it! When kids step through the front door and on the mat, they can activate living room lights too!

Add to their excitement 13 never-before-seen accessories from this set, like a computer desk and chair, bathtub with a toilet seat, bunk bed, dining table, sofa, kitchen, etc. Kids can add even more fun into their world of Peppa with two additional Little Rooms playsets in the set, allowing them to customize Peppa’s family home further and create even more enjoyable scenarios! It makes an excellent Christmas present! So be sure to give this set, as they will provide hours of fantastic fun!

Set up

The Lights & Sounds Family Home from Peppa Pig is an interactive four-story house featuring many fun features. For instance, its front lawn boasts an interactive mud puddle that makes sound effects when Peppa or one of her friends jump into it on rainy days; when children walk through its door and step on its mat, they can activate lighting and sound effects inside the home!

This playset allows children ages three and up to recreate a day with Peppa Pig and her friends. This 22-inch tall playset boasts seven rooms, 13 previously unseen accessories and even has a dial that allows kids to switch between daytime or nighttime mode!

Inside this house, kids will find a kitchen equipped with a fridge and sink; a living room where Peppa and George enjoy lounging around on the sofa; a bathroom where they can wash up before bedtime, as well as sending Peppa and her pals off to sleep in one of the bedrooms on the second floor!

Kids will also love rocking out in this music room to practice playing guitar, drums, saxophone, and piano! All accessories in this toy work with World of Peppa characters, so kids will have a blast interacting with their favorite piggies!

Sights & Sounds

This 22-inch four-story house allows children to explore Peppa Pig’s family home and experience all its sights and sounds! Kids will have fun discovering all that makes her house such a blast to play with! There are seven rooms for exploration and 13 never-before-seen accessories in this playset, making this set the perfect addition to any World of Peppa collection – plus, they can expand it further using 2 Little Rooms playsets included with this set! It makes an exciting replica of her house, so kids will love reenacting scenes from their favorite show as they recreate scenes from favorite episodes using figures of Peppa, George, and Zoe Zebra figures with vehicles for endless play fun!


My 2.5-year-old daughter loves this house as it provides gender-neutral playtime opportunities with her cousin, who also follows Peppa Pig on TV. Together they can use it to act out everyday scenarios they see on screen – jumping in mud puddle spots and making funny sound effects outside, sleeping over at Mummy and Daddy Pig’s bedroom for the night, or using a telescope in the study for star gazing!