The Knight King Who Returned With A God Chapter 20


Noteworthy points in Chapter 20 include how Leon slaughters orcs and how it benefits him; additionally, she may make her first appearance (after about two story arcs have passed).

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an exhilarating fantasy manga with action, romance, and complex characters. Its compelling plot and incredible artwork make this a must-read for fans of this genre.

Release Date

The Knight King Who Returned With A God Chapter 20 has just been released and can now be read online by fans. This chapter highlights Leon’s bold decision to murder all orcs within Yellow Gate Dungeon. Additionally, we learn of an unknown blue-haired lady – revealed to be the Queen of a faraway nation and expected to play an integral part in future storyline events – which may prove invaluable as she may verify keys for further plot developments.

Leon remains angry and hates orcs deeply, yet he has taken aggressive steps to eliminate them from society. To achieve this goal, he created his guild and led its members into the dungeon; calling their members soldiers has caused much speculation about his true intentions; furthermore, Leon announced his desire to run for president someday, adding further intrigue.

Chapter 20 of Knight King Who Returned With a God offers readers many fascinating developments and changes to enjoy. Readers will delight in this chapter’s thrilling fight scenes, well-developed characters, and masterful world-building – which received positive reviews from critics despite some criticism about AI retouching, which can distract readers from enjoying a seamless reading experience.

The Knight King Who Returned With A God is an engaging fantasy manga blends supernatural elements with real human emotions and struggles. Its interesting artwork and compelling plot have won many readers’ hearts, making this story an essential reading choice. Naver Webtoon and Naver Series both provide uncensored versions of this manga in Korean; those who would rather read it in English can visit its official fan site, where chapters are regularly updated so readers can stay abreast of new developments and news. Furthermore, this website provides information about where to purchase physical editions of manga titles; this can be particularly helpful for those outside Korea if any questions arise regarding purchasing them or accessing chapters online via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


After defeating the boss of one of the most challenging dungeons in Leon’s story, his fame spread far and wide. While expanding his presence worldwide, Leon was approached by a stunning female monarch wishing to meet him; their encounter was a pleasant surprise for Leon as the Queen seemed intrigued and impressed by his skills, possibly creating an alliance between them.

Chapter 20 of The Knight King Who Returns With a God will excite and intrigue readers. It promises to answer some unanswered questions, such as why Leon is slaughtering orcs. Furthermore, more details regarding a blue-haired woman featured on the manhwa poster – now revealed to be from another kingdom and likely appearing in two arcs after this chapter is expected.

This chapter will also reveal that Kirik, Leon’s diminutive android companion, has been watching events from above. Kirik has proven invaluable throughout the series due to his unique abilities; indeed, he may prove more helpful than any human ally he has encountered.

Leon will soon meet up with the Queen, unraveling many of her mysteries. His admiration of her beauty and skills makes him an intimidating opponent; however, this love may also have ulterior motives.

The forthcoming chapters of the story will delve into Leon and Han Hari’s complex relationship, who struggles to comprehend Leon’s extreme views about orcs. Furthermore, it will introduce an array of characters and empires – including an intriguing blue-haired queen who may appear later.

Readers looking for the Knight King Who Returns With a God manga can do so on Naver Webtoon and Naver Series, which will be uncensored for optimal reading pleasure. Japanese and Korean translations of Knight King Who Returns With a God manga are offered so readers can select their preferred reading language.


Readers of The Knight King Who Returned With A God will discover an exciting tale with intriguing characters and breathtaking scenery. Chapter 20 promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with battles between big enemies, strange partnerships forming unexpectedly, and potentially pivotal revelations of secrets that could alter the course of events altogether.

The Knight King Who Returned With A God Chapter 20 will undoubtedly capture and inspire readers worldwide with its captivating plot and incredible artwork, just as its predecessor chapters did. Leon returns home after spending three centuries hunting demons in another realm – not alone, though, as he brings divine power that will aid in conquering it all! This manga series has won over fans around the globe with its captivating plot and beautiful artwork; no doubt this chapter 20 will continue to do just that!

Though infused with fantastical elements, the story contains relatable themes that resonate with audiences worldwide. Character development is imposing; focusing on the protagonist’s internal and external struggles makes the narrative more relatable while keeping readers engaged throughout its pages.

One of the best parts of this manga is its world-building, which introduces various characters and empires. Its protagonist is an intriguing blue-haired woman featured on its cover who can be followed throughout. Knight King Who Returned With A A God Chapter 20 will further illuminate her background while delving deeper into her relationship with Leon.

This chapter will also reveal Leon’s plans for using his new team of knights. Leon’s deep-seated hatred for orcs and desire to rid the world of them are exciting exploration points, further complicating matters by refusing to believe Han Hari’s claims that orcs can be good.


Reincarnated warrior Leon returns to modern-day Korea from fighting demons and orcs during his previous life to form a knighthood and hunt down more monsters. While this manga doesn’t feature much comedy, its setting and characters with distinct personalities make for an engaging read – unlike most reincarnated stories where adult characters take back childhood mentalities, Leon retains his adult personality while not becoming an overpowered character who can do everything at will.

Chapter 20 of The Knight King Who Returned With A God promises more intense fights, surprising partnerships, and unforgettable character changes. Additionally, Kirik will play an integral part in Leon’s journey, and it will be interesting to witness his role here.

Leon won’t just rely on Kirik for help; The Queen will make her first appearance here as well, attracting Leon with both her beauty and skill. They begin working together closely, leading Leon to suspect that The Queen could become an essential character throughout this storyline.

Leon is a natural leader with an admirable spirit and sense of duty, commanding his soldiers and bureaucrats with charismatic command and unquestioned authority. After all, as royalty, he is used to leading people. This trait will prove invaluable as he implements his plans to retake his kingdom.

Leon harbors a strong desire to rid his kingdom of orcs, which will prove essential in building it successfully. Although Han Hari views Leon’s actions as extreme, Leon remains committed to eliminating orcs as part of his goal and shows no inclination to change them.

The Knight King Who Returned With a God is an engaging manga series sure to please many readers. Its captivating world-building, diverse cast of characters and deepening of relationships will keep readers on the edge of their seats – not forgetting its exquisite artwork and well-written plot!