The Heavenly Demon Cant Live a Normal Life


Baek Joong Hyuk (Roman Dimitry), is an example of a demon reincarnated into an evil cult to take revenge for past transgressions.

As a Transcendent Being, he can manipulate time. Furthermore, he can access her inexhaustible knowledge base through Akasha’s Records Library.

1. He is a Transcendent Being

Unlike most demons and gods, the Heavenly demon is an incredibly transcendent being because he is the physical manifestation of the light that started the Universe itself and has Supreme control of both it and its laws – they were created because of him!

As a result, Heavenly demons can manipulate and alter the laws of the Universe at will and access all knowledge within. Additionally, his power over time is vast, as evidenced by his casually reversing 200 years’ worth of events without exerting too much effort.

He can grant access rights to anyone he chooses, granting them entry and reading of Library knowledge regardless of their level. This was evident when he gave Yeon-woo access rights even though it was way above her abilities.

At first encounter with Yeon-woo, it became immediately evident that the Heavenly demon had an extremely whimsical personality, as evidenced by his constantly making jokes and laughing; they even bet each other that one would win! His humorous demeanor also shows itself when demonstrating their powerful fighting capabilities – instantly creating openings in an opponent’s defenses to allow his attack through.

His abilities include possessing an unseeable, powerful mind blade that manifests only within his mind, cutting away anything he desires–including concepts or things not visible to physical sense–with ease; however, using it takes significant mental energy. Furthermore, the Heavenly demon can teleport himself and his followers at will for easy revenge against anyone who wrongs them.

2. He is a God

Like all transcendent beings, the Heavenly Demon possesses skills under “[Power].” His most lethal ability is said to be his curse, which consumes the souls of those affected. It can infiltrate any living creature within its range irrespective of status and be cast with Ruyi Jingu Bang – and transferred between entities for maximum impact.

He also wields what is known as a Mind Blade – an unseen but invisible sword that manifests only within his mind – which allows him to cut anything he desires – including concepts and things not physically present – but it requires massive amounts of mental energy for use, which necessitates having powerful disciples willing to undertake risky missions and seize power for him.

As the story unfolds, readers are immersed more deeply into the world of Heavenly Demon and his captivating cast of characters, from noble warriors to cunning villains. The plot keeps readers on edge while at the same time encouraging healing of the inner soul and inspiring readers to become their best selves.

If you are interested in reading The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life manga, Line Webtoons might require a subscription to access chapters; Naver Blogs also provides updates and additional information regarding this comic series.

3. He is a Demon

A heavenly demon has the uncanny ability to manipulate time. He can turn back 200 years without difficulty, making him one of the few transcendent beings who possess this skill.

He also holds the power to alter or create laws within the universe due to being the literal manifestation of Light at the Big Bang that began the universe’s birth. Therefore he holds absolute control and authority over Light.

His transcendent power stands apart from both Holy and Demonic Energies, cutting everything that exists – even concepts or things invisible to him – as long as he can imagine their destruction with his mind. Unfortunately, using this ability requires vast quantities of mental energy from him.

The Heavenly Demon Library grants access rights to anyone he chooses, regardless of level. He can even expand it further to incorporate knowledge from the secret third world ruled by stars.

On meeting Yeon-woo for the first time, the heavenly demon revealed himself to be very whimsical and frivolous, even offering to aid Yeon-woo even though this would likely result in his death.

With its release of Chapter 90, The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life continues to draw in audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats. This captivating manga proves that an engaging story and interesting characters can keep readers engaged even in genres they usually wouldn’t be drawn into.

4. He is a Beast

As a Transcendent Being, the heavenly demon can be described as powerful and knowledgeable. He uses Light to manipulate and control his universe while also giving him knowledge about all that exists – an ability demonstrated by his effortless turnback of 200 years without much effort from him.

He can also create duplicate versions of himself that can think, feel, and operate independently from himself – often to perform more dangerous tasks in less time or when circumstances need. This technique often serves him well when completing timed or emergency missions.

Highl was one of the targets he inflicted with powerful curses, most notably upon Highl, who suffered greatly before finally succumbing to them and entering an unconscious state near death.

This is only a glimpse of the Heavenly Demon’s incredible power, so stay tuned as more updates on The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life arrive!

5. He is a Human

The heavenly demon is a mighty being reincarnated many times into various bodies, known as its different “faces.” Each face embodies unique power sets while all faces share one ability – creating a “clone” of themselves that thinks, feels, and operates independently from its creator – providing an extra weapon in battles.

The power of a heavenly demon is said to be unfathomable. It easily surpasses that of primordial gods like the Great Mother and is on par with beings such as the Black King. Furthermore, it can manipulate time and space with the power of Light and witness everything happening throughout spacetime – being both omnipotent and omniscient in its observations of reality.

When fighting, the heavenly demon uses various tactics to surprise his opponents, such as his “mind blade,” which can cut anything he conceptualizes. Although using it takes considerable mental energy and concentration, its effectiveness makes up for any costs incurred during use.

Baek Joong Hyuk was once an elite Murim warrior who lived a harsh life before taking his honorful exit in death. Years later, he awakened within Roman Dimitry, Lord Romero’s eldest son. Join us as we follow this mighty immortal through all his adventures!