Use the Musical Map to Find the Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy


Using the musical map to discover treasure is an arduous yet rewarding side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Your goal should be to use it to play the first notes of the Harry Potter theme on bells before opening up the chest and retrieving treasure from it.

1. Look for a musical note

Hogwarts Legacy provides players with many side quests they can complete for rewards, including Solved by the Bell (Musical Map), which directs players towards solving an intractable riddle to win treasure. Here is our guide on configuring bells on Musical Map to complete this side quest and receive your prize!

The first step to finding the Musical Map is finding Henrietta’s Hideout in South of Manor – this dungeon can also be seen as part of Hippogriff Marks the Spot and Rescuing Rococo side quests. Once inside this dungeon, use Accio or Windardium Levioso on a cube on the floor to reveal it; defeat enemies that appear and move to the next room until reaching the end of the dungeon; when near the end, look out the left wall for Alcove on the left wall where Musical Map will be found sitting on the table!

When activated, the Musical Map will pinpoint a location – in this instance, Clagmar Castle, located within the Clagmar Coast region. When traveling there, look out for an abandoned castle building featuring hanging bells.

These bells form part of a musical puzzle that requires players to strike them in the correct order to solve it. Each bell corresponds to a musical note on the scale and, when hit at appropriate times, will play a recognizable tune that most will recognize. For ease of reference, we will refer to them by their numeric order, written on arrows pointing towards them.

First, strike the bells in this order – 9, 1, 6, 3, 7, 2, 4, 1; use one type of spell to strike each bell in sync, and you should hear a familiar melody and discover your musical map treasure chest nearby!

2. Hit the bells

Players must strike bells to use the musical map to find treasure. To start this enchanting musical symphony and find their next piece of loot, players can strike one bell at Clock Tower Courtyard, where a player should invoke Flipendo and ensure it rings out ideally before starting at another bell.

Flipendo should also be invoked on this bell to add another musical note to the orchestra of sound that is developing at Hogwarts. Players should visit the Owlery for this, where owls reside as residents. Once again, players should invoke it to add yet more harmonious sounds into its musical backdrop.

Once players reach the Herbology greenhouse, they should invoke Flipendo on the third bell in sequence to ring it out in perfect harmony with its siblings and enhance the symphony, further unraveling this puzzle and unlocking the treasure chest containing Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat cosmetic and 400 Galleons.

Musicians with intuitive ears should have no trouble understanding how to hit bells in sequence; this diagram can serve as a helpful aid for those struggling.

After hitting all the bells in their correct order, players will hear a familiar melody play out by itself, and an eye-catching chest will spawn to their left with the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat cosmetic item – used to change the appearance of specific gear items – as well as 400 Galleons!

This treasure map can be one of the more formidable challenges in the game, not due to difficulty associating bells with specific notes but because players must hit each one with precision. Some may find success solving it through trial and error; those looking for faster solutions can use the map below quickly and accurately to determine its sequence for Henrietta’s Hideaway musical map.

3. Listen to the music

Hogwarts Legacy boasts many hidden treasures and Easter eggs for players to discover, such as the Musical Map in the Highlands, which requires players to play specific tunes to locate it. This guide will walk players through how to use it to find the treasure for the Solved by the Bell side quest and earn them a Treasure Seeker’s Longrobe and 400 Galleons as rewards.

Henrietta’s Hideout can be found to the south of Manor Cape. Players should go down Merlin’s Trial stairs to Henrietta’s Hideout, where you will find the musical map on a table in its first room.

After receiving their musical map, players should travel to Clagmar Castle, located in the Clagmar Coast region of the game. Once there, they must eliminate all enemies in the area before finding and ringing all bells on the wall in the correct sequence to form a Harry Potter theme song melody and be rewarded with a treasure chest!

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4. Find the treasure

Hogwarts Legacy offers players an immersive open world filled with magical adventures to enjoy, but it’s not all play and no work; there are also challenging side quests that test players’ patience and abilities, such as Solved by the Bell, where players use musical maps to search for treasure.

Solved by the Bell is an optional side mission unlocked after players complete Tomes and Tribulations’ main quest. To open it, players must visit Henrietta’s Hideaway in the Manor Cape region, where several Ashwinder enemies await them to be defeated before moving forward with further rooms. When this has been accomplished, an alcove on the wall containing the Musical Map will appear and can be unlocked by visiting this location.

This map presents players with a location and musical notes as clues for solving the puzzle. To solve it, players must head to the location on the map and ring all the bells indicated to find treasure. Although this task seems simple enough, its music makes the process all the more engaging by reminding us of the familiar Harry Potter theme song – making completion all the more entertaining!

To ring the bells, players should start from the top and move down from left to right, following the pattern on the Musical Map sheet music. In that order, they must hit each bell sequentially – 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 8 – to trigger a song that delivers a treasure chest near their player.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Musical Map side mission can be intricate yet rewarding, offering valuable treasure in return. Additionally, its experience comes accompanied by iconic Harry Potter music – so get going now to unlock it, and don’t forget our guides for additional helpful hints and strategies! Happy gaming!