World Harvest Food Bank


Food banks are non-profit organizations that distribute high-quality food and essential goods to people in need and support agencies that directly help the hungry.

World Harvest offers SAG and WGA members a special treat: they can show their union cards to fill their carts with groceries – giving customers a sense of dignity, according to Glen Curado.

Nothing goes to waste here; any food items that cannot be distributed directly to families or animals at the LA Zoo are composted instead.


World Harvest Food Bank is an award-winning nonprofit that alleviates local communities’ hunger and food insecurity. Their services include food distribution, collection, and educational initiatives. Furthermore, World Harvest assists families with children living on fixed incomes who find meeting daily needs challenging; World Harvest provides numerous other social services to help people get back on their feet more quickly.

This organization maintains an effective and responsive refund policy to address any complaints or issues quickly and correctly. Furthermore, they strive to ensure their food distribution processes are transparent and effective so individuals can trust that their donations are going toward combatting hunger effectively.

As a result, this organization has garnered a positive reputation among users and donors, which it strives to protect. Their generous refund policy further emphasizes their mission of creating a world free from hunger.

Glen Curado, the founder of the food bank, says that SAG-AFTRA and WGA members who present their cards can access it and fill a cart with anything from produce (primarily organic) to bread, dairy products, and canned goods – not only have Hollywood actors and writers been benefiting during this strike but animals at LA Zoo have too! Some food that would otherwise go to waste has now been shared between humans and them!


World Harvest Food Bank provides vital services to those in need, including food, basic staples, and living essentials. Services provided include providing high-quality food items through efficient collection and distribution systems, offering hunger awareness programs with nutrition education components, training workforce skills development courses for specific populations, and advocacy initiatives.

GrowNYC Greenmarkets hosts a food rescue program that rescues fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, part of an effort to reduce food waste in New York City. In addition, produce that cannot be donated directly to families or shared with animals at LA Zoo due to damage or spoilage is taken for composting by Republic Services; over 74 tons that would otherwise have gone directly into landfill have been diverted away and transformed into nutrient-rich soil in just six months!

Kristina Wong, an accomplished performance artist in TV and film, is a customer and supporter of World Harvest Food Bank. Recently, she collaborated with them in providing food assistance to SAG-AFTRA members during what could become an extended work stoppage strike. During this strike, Wong has also tracked bars and businesses offering discounts or freebies.


World Harvest Food Bank accepts donations of money, goods, and services from individuals, businesses, and organizations of all types – individuals, businesses, organizations. Donations help families with limited income access healthy, nutritious foods while eliminating the necessity of making impossible choices between buying food and paying for other essentials. Contributions also offer education about nutrition and health and support for social service programs relating to food-related social service programs, a hunger awareness program, and more.

World Harvest provides food redistribution from wholesalers, supermarkets, and restaurants that would otherwise go to waste, thus saving quality produce from ending up in landfills. They also partner with gardeners and farmers who donate excess produce as well as food banks and pantries across the nation to achieve their mission of eliminating food waste.

World Harvest’s work to enhance food security for residents on Long Island extends far beyond hunger relief; they do this through sustainable food collection and distribution systems, an institute to develop workforce skills development capabilities, advocacy initiatives, and education programs on hunger and poverty.

Glen Curado founded World Harvest Food Bank out of his frustration over how much food waste exists in America. His passion for reducing food waste inspired him to establish this organization that assists struggling Los Angeles residents while supporting SAG-AFTRA writers and performers during their strike.

Volunteer Opportunities

City Harvest operates a network of food pantries and grocery delivery programs where volunteers can lend a helping hand in many ways – including preparing, distributing, and providing services for those who can’t shop. Furthermore, City Harvest supports community meals through restaurants and schools in its network while offering online volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers at food banks help sort, inspect, and organize donated items before being distributed. Furthermore, volunteers are needed at mobile markets, food rescue events, and the City Harvest headquarters, where office work needs to be performed. Volunteers must attend orientation sessions and training about safety, health, and sanitation practices.

City Harvest has made efforts during this pandemic to reduce food waste and provide nutritious meals to those in need. Restaurants can become Rethink Food certified to partner with local organizations to deliver their surplus directly to needy people. Furthermore, City Harvest operates its first community-based cafe so locals can purchase and enjoy affordable food.

Food Bank provides food boxes to children and seniors, and alley walk-up food distributions are open to anyone who donates and shows proof of residency. Furthermore, this organization partners with local artisans and school art departments to source handmade bowls for its Empty Bowls events; additionally, it partners with Republic Services to divert spoiled food from landfills into animals at LA Zoo.