Big Band Food Tech Acquires Puran Singh Ka Dhaba


If you’re in the Ambala area, you may have heard of Puran Singh’s dhaba. It is a popular restaurant famous for its chicken and mutton dishes. Now, it’s being acquired by Big Band Food Tech, a food brand aggregator. This new partnership will help expand the legacy brand into new markets while maintaining the taste and authenticity of the food.

Puran Singh’s dhaba is a popular restaurant in Ambala

The famous dhaba of Mrs. Puran Singh is a must-visit for all nonvegetarian foodies in Ambala. The food is homemade and delicious but lacks sharp spices and bite. The price of a single serving of chicken curry is Rs 150. However, the restaurant’s interiors and aesthetics are not up to the mark. People who upload pictures of the inside of the dhaba are missing the point of the place.

The restaurant was once a smaller dhaba with limited seating. Parking was difficult, and food was only available from 12 pm to 430/5 pm. But today’s version has a more spacious seating area and is open throughout the day. It also has a parking lot. The dhaba is located on a side road adjacent to another Puran Dhaba.

It is famous for its mutton and chicken dishes.

A famous dhaba in Ambala, Puran Singh Ka Dhaba is famous for its chicken and mutton dishes and curry. Located near the bus stand, this dhaba offers authentic Punjabi cuisine. People come from as far as 200 km to taste the delicacies prepared here. The chicken and mutton dishes are soft and succulent and taste fantastic. This dhaba has multiple branches, and it is a popular spot for foodies worldwide.

The first Puran Singh Ka Dhaba was established in 1965. It was initially a non-vegetarian food joint and required about 200 Kg of chicken daily. It was small in size, with minimal seating. Moreover, the food was only served from noon to 430/5 pm. But today, the dhaba is much larger and has more convenient parking areas. It is also located near a side road.

The Asli family now runs the original Puran Singh Ka Dhaba in Ambala. The restaurant was a popular hangout for locals and celebrities. The restaurant has hosted many important events, including the Daler Mahendi. Sunny Deol and Prashan Kaur also visited it.

It is a food brand aggregator.

Big Bang Food Tech, an aggregator of food brands, has acquired the Puran Singh Ka Mashoor Vishal Dhaba chain. The company plans to open 100 Puran Singh outlets by March next year, which will be available in casual dining and takeaway formats. The new owners are committed to maintaining the authentic taste and experience of the brand.

The Puran Singh Ka Dhaba brand is based in Ambala, India. It is a food service restaurant that specializes in Punjabi cuisine. The menu includes chicken and mutton curries, palak paneer, and sukhi daal.

It plans to open 100 outlets by March.

The company has already started operations in cities like Delhi, Gurugram, and Sonipat. Now it wants to expand to other cities. The company recently acquired the iconic brand Puran Singh Ka Mashoor Vishal Dhaba. This acquisition will enable the company to reach a larger audience. At the same time, it plans to retain the original taste and authenticity of the food.

The first Puran Singh Ka Dhaba was opened in Ambala, Punjab, in 1965. It used to feature a headless chicken on its wall, with a couplet to boot. The owners later sold it to the present owner. The company is now known as Puran Singh Ka Vishal Dhaba and plans to open 100 outlets by March 2019.