A Lifestyle Band Is More Than Just A Hobby


Music is more than a hobby for many people – it’s part of their everyday routine, from listening to their favorite tunes every day on social media to attending concerts and festivals.

Lifestyle for any band involves associating their music with an authentic way of life and culture, including an artist’s appearance, priorities, vernacular, and overall culture.

Band Members

Four young men gather in a two-bedroom apartment, playing music and discussing their love for rock music. Their names are Lou Viera (vocals/guitar), Adam Horning (bass), Jason Junge (drums), and Zach Johnson (lead guitar), collectively referred to as The Lifestyle.

The band draws inspiration from artists like Radiohead, Foals, and Silversun Pickups; its lyrics address death, isolation, and directionlessness, while their sound provides a distinct blend of dreamy alternative music.

The Lifestyle is dedicated to standing out from Iowa’s current musical scene. Viera believes many bands strive for similarity, yet The Lifestyle stands out and does something different; staying true to themselves while remaining authentic has meant less popularity among many fans, yet they continue to play shows regularly and tour extensively in future months, averaging six shows monthly; also the band have created Bound4LIFE as a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing Christians in ending abortion with prayer, voting and obeying to bring change about.


This album is an absolute classic from a band who have developed their distinctive brand of music with their sound and style. The songs on this record are energetic and full of life, offering various genres and styles, making this an outstanding addition to any playlist. Plus, its lyrics will touch your heart instantly! Additionally, its production quality ranks among the very best on the market!

This album’s songs are superbly composed, each unique in terms of lyrics and harmonies. Listening to it is truly enjoyable – perfect for fans of rock music who want something soothing while they relax or take time for themselves.

Silkworm’s Optimal Lifestyles stands apart from similar albums by featuring different songwriting teams for each track, often creating a unique atmosphere on an album like this. “Contempt” depicts a marriage on its last legs, while Tim Midyett’s “Slave Wages” describes an affair-themed film. Finally, “Plain” revisits themes of devotion.

Lifestyle is an album you will listen to repeatedly, filled with catchy songs that capture nostalgia and universally relatable topics such as complex relationships or needing support from others. Furthermore, its hard-rocking music adds an edge that adds even more appeal.

Lifestyle Music, established in 2009 and based out of the UK, has since been at the forefront of nurturing new talent, curating core artists, and developing its signature sound within the scene. Over time they have expanded to promote worldwide club events while maintaining an established presence on UK’s south coast. Their next release in their “Connection” series LP and with international shows scheduled soon, is no sign that Lifestyle Music plans to slow down anytime soon.


Lifestyle brands use music as their profession, which requires traveling around to play shows for fans at bars or large arenas. Their audiences come out in droves to see them perform, often making new friendships, but touring can also be exhausting and time-consuming.

Avoiding stress during shows by taking breaks between shows and relaxing is vital to staying balanced and rejuvenated. One band member suggests taking long showers, which have proven physically and mentally refreshing; another advocated eating healthy on tour while drinking plenty of water.

Lifestyle members are dedicated to their music but also have ambitious plans for their future. For instance, they hope to travel further afield and play larger venues while broadening their audience beyond Midwest regions. Working hard towards reaching these goals and making great strides along the way.

Lifestyle hopes to keep their DIY work ethic intact as they make more money from music, believing it essential for their sound and identity. Furthermore, they want to produce quality recordings and live performances by being able to balance work commitments with personal activities, such as eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly while being patient with each other.