Apple Fitness Plus Review: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know


Before you read another word in this Apple Fitness Plus review, you should know that you must have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later to use this fitness program. This means that you will also need to have an iPhone.

Apple Fitness Plus Review

Apple Fitness Plus review: price, availability, and compatibility

Announced alongside the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE in September, Apple Fitness Plus is positioned as a wrist-based show, but it works with iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV to stream workout classes.

Apple Fitness Plus costs € 9.99 per month, or € 79.99 per year (the latter is more profitable, clearly). However, those who buy the Apple Watch 6 will get 3 months free. Otherwise, new users get a free month before the monthly or yearly membership fee is charged.

Of course, Apple Fitness Plus is also included in an Apple One package. The Premier tier, which costs € 29.95 per month, offers Fitness Plus in addition to Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, and 2TB of iCloud storage. If you already use some of Apple’s services, it might be worth bundling them up with a single monthly fee.

Apple Fitness Plus review: setup and equipment

If you’re eager to use Apple Fitness Plus but don’t have the right hardware, check out the best Apple Watch deals. Me? I had my Apple Watch Series 6 ready to go.

Also, Apple Fitness Plus Review is a video-based program, so you probably want a screen to watch the classes. An iPhone is fine, but you might be able to track it better if you use an iPad or Apple TV 4K. I used all three and found the iPad Air useful for cycling workouts, while my 55-inch TV screen is best for HIIT, dance, and yoga.

Apple Fitness Plus Review

That’s not all – there is the equipment you may need depending on the type of training you prefer. At the very least, one of the best yoga mats is useful for exercise on the floor. If you have any of the best treadmills or the best exercise bikes, you can also take advantage of more classes.

Apple Fitness Plus review: class selection

If you were hoping for more hands, you won’t find it with Apple Fitness Plus Review. While there is a ‘Get Started’ program consisting of 10-minute explanations, once you are taking actual classes, there are very few introductions for new members of the ‘team’.

There are about 200 classes at the moment, and new classes are uploaded during the week. Unlike the Peloton app, which costs € 12.99 per month, there are no live classes on Apple Fitness Plus. Peloton also has a higher accumulation of classes on demand thanks to the fact that it takes longer; he also has an outdoor racing car.

While I recommend checking out the “Get Started Workouts” series, I would like Fitness Plus to offer more content for beginners. (Image credit: Future)

Apple Fitness Plus Review classes are all indoors (in stunning Hollywood-quality studios, I might mention) and span 10 different types of workouts with built-in soundtracks that absolutely rival Peloton’s coveted playlists. Better yet, the classes are categorized by music genre, so you can strength train to heartbreaking rock or stretch to slow pop.

Classes are also tagged by instructor and time. A useful filter tool allows you to search for options ranging from 5 to 45 minutes, although most classes are 10, 20, or 30 minutes long. This is pretty standard among home workout programs today, giving users the opportunity to get in a sweat session even during a busy day.


Still, until Apple Fitness Plus adds outdoor workouts, difficulty ratings, and warm-up classes, I’m not entirely convinced. I’m not canceling my trial, but when it’s finished in a few weeks I’ll need to see updates to stay.

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