Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket Review


The Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket is a classic waterproof jacket that has been a mainstay of the Arcteryx essentials line for over 20 years. This jacket is breathable, supple, lightweight and robust and incorporates the company’s extensive experience in making waterproof jackets.


The Arc’teryx Beta AR is a durable, breathable and robust jacket. It’s built with the knowledge of the brand’s nearly 30 years of experience in making waterproof jackets. Its design features high breathability and durability, yet its light weight allows for easy packing.

The high collar seals around your neck, which keeps it warm without adding layers. The collar is adjustable, too, with four adjustment points on the storm hood and harness hemlock. It’s also a good fit for people with large frames. The fit of the jacket is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement.

The Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket has two waterproof pockets on the chest and one on the left side. It also has cuffs and pit zips, which are two-way zippers. There’s also a hood and a breathable liner. The jacket’s waterproof rating is the best in its class and it uses specially designed materials that repel outside moisture. While it may not be the most comfortable jacket for all-weather conditions, its streamlined fit and premium construction make it an excellent choice for outdoor sports.

Arc’teryx Beta Ar

The Arc’teryx Beta AR is a water-resistant, breathable jacket that has been a staple of their essentials range for nearly 20 years. Made of tough yet supple material, the coat is both robust and breathable and surprisingly lightweight. The jacket is built using decades of experience and knowledge from making waterproof jackets.

The Beta AR’s shell is rigid and has an 80D and 40D face fabric. The fabric has a Gore-Tex Pro membrane for water resistance. It also has water-tight zippers and a storm hood.

Mountain Hardwear’s Exposure/2 GTX Pro Lite

For those who want to avoid the Beta AR but still want a high-end waterproof jacket, the Exposure/2 GTX Pro Lite Jacket from Mountain Hardwear is a good alternative. It’s made of Gore-Tex Pro and weighs only 14.6 ounces. However, it lacks hand pockets and pit zips for dumping heat. It also lacks many features that make the Beta AR so popular.

The Beta AR Jacket is an outstanding shoulder-season and winter jacket, thanks to its premium build and three-layer Gore-Tex Pro membrane. The coat is available in lighter 40-denier versions and heavier models made of 80-denier Gore-Tex Pro.

Arc’teryx Beta SV

The Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket is a versatile motorcycle jacket designed with disciplined simplicity. Its fabric offers waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection. It is also comfortable and provides an excellent fit. The Beta LT is ideal for riders who want the ultimate versatility.

Unlike some other jackets, the Arc’teryx Beta SL lacks pockets. A small bag in the chest would be nice for storing small items. However, the coat does have pit zips that can help vent hot air. The jacket also weighs under 300 grams.

The Alpha and Beta series are both tremendous all-around jackets. The Alpha is designed specifically for climbing, and the Beta is more versatile for general use. The Alpha series is more expensive but is a more versatile option for alpine activities.