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BBC Good Food magazine review – Men and women who think of holidays and great food going together are likely to think of places like Paris, France (or France in general), London, Italy, Spain, or just a setting by the ocean in a warm Mediterranean nation eating fresh seafood. To know more about orefrontimaging click here.

Those people who are lucky enough to have the money to invest would also include Copenhagen (thanks to Noma being ranked the world’s number 1 eating place again), San Sebastian vacation or Tokyo in The Japanese thanks to their Michelin starred restaurants, and of course Paris/France once again.

BBC Good Food magazine review – To experience a vacation with great food, we would most certainly suggest a trip to Germany, partly due to a lack of German eateries beyond Germany. Still, mainly because of the quality, taste, and affordability, especially when compared to France since the food tends to be cheaper, the actual portions are more prominent and less pretense, in other words, excellent hearty comfort foodstuff, so it’s heavy on the carb supply which is ideal for us Scottish… but perhaps not individuals on a diet (Scots bundled! ).

The BBC gets included some Berlin personnel canteens as an excellent site for lunch, both for affordable as well as taste. Something a lot of have never thought of before.

Here is a selection of items we similar to from Germany


BBC Good Food magazine review – Laugenbrezels (usually described as pretzels from the UK) are baked heavy bread shaped into a hook with a hard crusty layer. They are usually savory and included in salt crystals, making more of a grand appearance in Scotland. Demand recently, the only place we all knew where you were sure to buy one was at Falko monitored in Edinburgh and Gullane.

Still, now we’ve spotted these in Lidl, which it needs to add bakery sections to be able to its stores (something we all spotted in some of their Western European stores a year or two ago) and also Sainsbury’s, though they kinds they stock aren’t genuine Laugenbrezels as they are missing the most effective bit – the extreme salt saline kick! Anyone who wants anchovies or salty chips/fries/nuts would be advised to try out any Laugenbrezel. We’ve found these on sale all over Germany even though they are more prevalent in the south/Bavaria.


The quintessential German language takeaway item will find the item for sale in many a schnellimbiss in Germany.

Kebabs, in addition to Turkish pizzas

BBC Good Food magazine review – Germany possesses a sizeable Turkish population. Consequently, Döner and Shawarma kebabs are very popular. The most healthy kebabs we’ve ever attained have all been in Germany. Contrary to back home, although a Döner may be advertised (for often the tourists? )

BBC Good Food magazine review – it is typically Shawarma on the menu so absent is the sweaty fatty mass of rotting meat for a spit that you find in a great many UK takeaways so a result the kebabs we’ve acquired in Germany tasted health-boosting – leaner meat, considerably more vegetables, and fresher green salads. You don’t need to feel guilty about eating a kebab with Germany! You’ll also come across sites selling Türkische (Turkish) Nachos, which is a kebab on a flatbread rolled up and taken on the go.


Marzipan would make my tongue dance having joy, and thanks to Lidl, I can keep my deal in check, but to appreciate good Marzipan visiting Germany is essential.


BBC Good Food magazine review – Australia has well over 1 000 breweries (over half of which can be in Bavaria). Between them, they will produce 5 – 6th, 000 different beers in several styles (light pilsner/lager, grain, dark, etc.) brewed for a lot of centuries to the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian beer purity law), enabling only water, hops, and also barley, this has now improved slightly. More ingredients are usually allowed, but the high quality stays.

Although they didn’t invent ale, the oldest active brewery globally is Weihenstephan, situated in Freising in the Munich borders, which has been brewing since 1040. So the Germans know a couple of things about good beer.

Various meats Stews

Germans are professionals at hearty, meaty soups (mainly pork/ham based), and plenty of dishes from the east have got crept into Germany; thus, you’ll find paprika laced Goulash on many menus.


BBC Good Food magazine review – I don’t know many people who also admit to eating Sauerkraut as it has negative associations with many associating it together with erm… flatulence, but it likes great! All that fermenting provides impressive robust “nippy” vinegary diet plans with a lot more taste over a regular cabbage, and it makes an excellent accompaniment to any German dish.

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