Buildium Reviews – Tenant Screening Made Easy


A lot of people overlook the process of tenant screening to fill a vacant unit quickly. However, this step is crucial to ensuring tenants are paying their rent on time and abiding by the lease agreement. With the help of software such as Buildium, you can quickly check the background of your prospective tenants. This will allow you to determine if they have any criminal records and whether they’ve ever been evicted. This way, you’ll be able to protect your property and tenants.

Buildium is an all-in-one property management software

The platform offers a variety of features for property owners. Most of the features are grouped into three categories. One of the most helpful tools is the accounting feature. This allows you to track payments from tenants and association homeowners. It can also help you keep track of deposits and refunds.

Another great feature is the ability to automate payments. Buildium partners with PayNearMe for this functionality. They offer a 14-day free trial and a customized onboarding process to get you started. This makes it easy to collect payments from tenants and helps you avoid losing money.

While many other services promise to help you manage your property, the company behind Buildium has a track record of delivering on promises. The software comes with a high customer satisfaction rate, which means its customers are happy with it. The company has been around for nearly 15 years and is a limited liability company.

It automates a variety of tasks.

Buildium is a platform that automates many tasks for landlords and property managers. It can help owners simplify the management of their properties and streamline the payment process. As a cloud-based service, it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Therefore, it is best for property management companies and owners looking for better management solutions.

It is beneficial for managers of multiple properties and multiple teams. Users can divide work among different departments and keep track of all the progress. However, the software falls short when many tasks are assigned to a single department. Moreover, it is not always easy to see the latest updates. Unless you can search through many tasks, you’ll struggle to find the one that is relevant to your business.

It offers customizable applications.

Buildium is a free online rental application that allows property owners and managers to collect important information about prospective renters in minutes. It also has a community message board and allows the property owner or manager to post important notices and communicate with residents. In addition, it lets property owners and managers view the financials of their property.

The owner portal allows for the real-time sharing of financial reports, balance sheets, receipts, leases, and other essential documents. This eliminates the need for owners to read endless emails containing detailed financial information. The owner portal also allows for the real-time sharing of financial reports and specific transactions.

It offers tenant screening.

Tenant screening is an integral part of the property management process, and Buildium makes it easy to conduct credit and background checks on prospective tenants. This new service lets landlords quickly identify potential tenants before signing a lease agreement. The service is powered by TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Buildium integrates TransUnion’s screening technology into its online property management software. The service allows landlords to run screenings on prospective tenants directly through their online application.

In addition to tenant screening, Buildium offers tenant management features such as customizable rental applications. The application templates include standard fields and sections, such as applicant contact information, rental history, etc. If you want to customize the application further, you can add any fields you need. The application will automatically upload to Buildium once it is completed.

It offers a mobile app for property inspections.

The mobile app allows you to use the Buildium property inspection service on the go. You can create a mobile inspection template, review rental units, add photos, and record the results. The app is fully synchronized with Buildium. It also allows you to add notes.

You can also use the app on the go to keep in touch with your tenants and clients. Unlike traditional paper forms, you can send maintenance requests via text or email. Buildium’s resident portal also lets you manage payments and maintenance requests online. It also allows you to manage company expenses, communicate with owners, and store essential documents in the cloud.

With its built-in calculators, you can easily calculate outstanding payments and invoices. It also offers ePay to pay vendors and owners automatically. The accounting module of the software also helps you manage your company’s finances. It provides a quick breakdown of cash, unpaid bills, and net income. It also offers customizable financial reports.