Business Law and Estate Planning


Whether starting a new business, needing assistance with contracts, or selling an existing one, we have over 27 years of experience providing comprehensive legal services to businesses of all kinds. At our firm, we specialize in business law and estate planning.

A business plan is an invaluable document that outlines your marketing goals for an entire year, as well as your ideal client profile and desired revenue targets.

Business Start-Ups

Start-up businesses require you to balance multiple responsibilities, from overseeing daily operations and finances, hiring employees, and meeting customer satisfaction goals to navigating complex legal issues associated with running the company and writing contracts and other documents. Hiring an experienced Scottsdale small business attorney may alleviate some of these burdens from your shoulders by helping you navigate the legalities involved with operating and writing papers for the business.

Your business structure choice has serious legal ramifications, especially if you plan on raising outside capital. Your attorney can advise which corporation, partnership, or limited liability company best fits your needs and assist in incorporation proceedings. Furthermore, choosing the appropriate structure has tax repercussions; for instance, a partnership allows pass-through taxation, which means income passes directly through to its partners without incurring double taxation compared with corporations, which tax income twice).

Scottsdale startup lawyers can also help you assess what level of liability protection is suitable for your business based on factors like its nature, risks, and what assets are available for protection in case of disputes. Furthermore, an experienced startup attorney is aware of both current and upcoming legislation that affects your operations; draft regulation proposals, interim rulemaking initiatives, or legislative matters that might alter how you conduct business are all aspects that a good startup lawyer would keep informed on.

Scottsdale startup attorneys offer more than legal consultation and advice; they also provide various startup services. These include business plan creation, formation of contracts and documents, and preparation for regulatory compliance. Furthermore, they can assist in setting up marketing strategies and funding sources and helping obtain any required licenses or permits to run your business within Arizona state borders.

Scottsdale startup attorneys can also be helpful with litigation-related matters, including contract drafting with suppliers and customers to protect your interests and mediation and arbitration services if disputes arise.

Business Transactions

As a business owner, you juggle many tasks and obligations simultaneously. From overseeing operations to managing employees to tracking finances and ensuring customers are satisfied – as well as processing numerous filings and drafting complex contracts for transactions your company undertakes. Minor errors in wording or omissions could have serious repercussions that rob your legal recourse and expose your company to liability; hiring a Scottsdale business lawyer to guide you through complex transactions can protect both parties involved and safeguard their interests.

Commercial laws encompass a broad spectrum of businesses and transactions, from leases and fund transfers to negotiable instruments and debtor-creditor relationships, commercial landlord-tenant relations, bank deposits, bulk sales transactions, and real estate deals with letters of credit secured transactions. We assist clients in conducting these transactions by applicable laws and regulations, as well as review proposed agreements to identify any legal complications or potential pitfalls for client transactions.

An experienced Scottsdale business attorney can also assist in the negotiations and drafting of agreements for commercial transactions, such as purchase and sale contracts, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, distributorship agreements, licensing agreements, and non-competition agreements. We can also draft confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements for companies and their executives, as well as provide comprehensive assistance in terms of regulatory reporting as well as audits conducted by state or federal authorities.

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Asset Protection

As the owner of a business, you need to juggle many balls simultaneously – from overseeing day-to-day operations and finances, as well as customer satisfaction. A Scottsdale business attorney can be invaluable in legal assistance, contract review, and negotiation for success in your organization. They’re there for just such times – their services provide timely yet cost-effective assistance that’s always ready and waiting!

One of the greatest threats to a successful business is exposure to liability claims. From professional negligence or property damage claims to other forms of personal or commercial liability, these legal proceedings can be costly. Asset protection planning aims to protect assets against future claims. Strategies include purchasing liability insurance policies, using state and federal exemption laws (such as life insurance or retirement accounts), forming business entities or trusts, and other wealth preservation techniques.

Our experienced Scottsdale attorneys will assist in choosing the most appropriate business structure based on your situation and goals, including its tax implications and possible ongoing services such as compliance matters assistance or contract drafting.

An effective plan can protect against creditors, lawsuits, IRS and state tax claims, divorce, litigation, and other risks. Furthermore, it will lessen the impact of bankruptcy by managing non-exempt assets to pay creditors under Chapter 13.

As soon as any potential issues arise, you must begin planning early for your estate and its goals and objectives – including minimizing taxes – before any issues surface. By reaching out before, our office can start helping you structure it to meet those goals and reduce estate taxes. You may also wish to retain us for additional services such as reorganizations, tax planning, corporate counseling services, employee benefit plans, and real estate transactions, as we have 175 years of combined legal expertise to cover all your legal needs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is something we all must do, yet most people avoid it due to its unappealing nature. Estate planning includes considering our financial future and health care in case of our death or incapacity, as well as passing on assets to others after death or disability. Creating an estate plan may involve complex tax implications; thus, it is wise to consult an experienced North Scottsdale estate attorney for future planning purposes.

Our estate planning services involve creating documents to allow you to select decision-makers who will oversee your affairs upon incapacity or death and distribute your property according to your wishes. These may include wills and trusts, durable powers of attorneys allowing you to act for yourself and others on behalf of both, living wills with advanced healthcare directives, and other documents that ensure your wishes will be carried out as planned.

We can also assist in developing a business succession plan to ensure the smooth transfer of ownership in case of your death or disability. We will review both your personal and business situations to create a comprehensive program designed to safeguard you, your loved ones, and your assets in case something unexpected should arise.

As well as handling estate plans, our firm assists clients in creating guardianship for minor children, filing trust deeds, and making other legal documents. We will collaborate with you to draft an estate plan document that clearly articulates your goals while protecting them in an easy-to-read record that stands up against scrutiny.

At Arizona-based law firm Kevin A. Ganser & Associates LLC, our firm serves clients nationwide – in New York, California, and Florida. Kevin has earned himself an AV-Preeminent rating through 2023 from Martindale-Hubbell, as well as being honored as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for estate planning in Arizona. Licensed in Arizona and California, respectively, and holding an LL.M. in taxation from Golden Gate University School of Law — often named the top tax program on the West Coast — Kevin has earned accolades through 2023 from both organizations.