Costco’s New Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza


Costco is known for their expansive inventory and food court, including their popular pizza selection. Recently, Costco made changes to its pizza boxes that have caused some consternation among its customer base.

Pizza boxes now bear a How2Recycle label that indicates they can be recycled instead of being thrown away, following an initial Facebook post that spurred conversations regarding recycling directives and any related concerns.

The Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza

The slice can purchase Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza from Costco. It features a light and flaky crust with lightly sweetened tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes, double layer all-pork pepperoni topped off by creamy mozzarella and white cheddar cheese for an unbeatably delicious pizza!

Pizza Made Easy offers pizza that is packed with spices and herbs such as oregano, basil, and garlic powder – and even provides substitution options such as sausage or mushrooms for pepperoni! After covering it with olive oil and sealing it into an automated flattening machine that uses 130 degrees of heat to ensure uniform thickness of the dough.

These machines, which resemble futuristic spaceships, use robotic arms to ensure every slice is of equal size and the distribution of toppings is equal. Once packaged and sealed, it’s placed into a special pan that makes crispy pizza quicker so you can start enjoying yours sooner!

Costco’s initial announcement of this change caused considerable debate in the comments section of their Facebook post, as members noted that these new boxes wouldn’t meet recycling directives outlined by authorities. Regardless, pizza remains unaffected.

The Kirkland Signature Cheese Pizza

Costco’s frozen pizza is an all-time best seller and an easy, delicious, cost-saving choice compared to eating out. Fans rave about its simplicity, delightful taste, and ease of preparation compared to dining out.

Cheese pizza is composed of high-quality ingredients like mozzarella, parmesan, and sausage. For an additional heartier meal, mushrooms, green peppers, or olives may also be added as extra toppings – though beware that its sauce might be too sweet and overshadow the other flavors present on your pizza!

Another alternative is heating this pizza in the microwave oven for added texture and crispiness while simultaneously helping reduce the sweetness of its sauce. You can find this pizza both online and at stores alike – call in your order so it will be waiting when you arrive.

Costco’s food court menu features several delicious pizza choices for pizza enthusiasts, including their Combo Pizza. While some customers were disappointed that it had been removed, other customers didn’t seem as dismayed by it.

Some members are uncertain as to the future of Costco’s Combo Pizza. While unlikely, certain products can return periodically due to popularity, demand, or supply issues; should Costco decide to bring back its Combo Pizza menu item, it may be beneficial for its ingredients to be modified accordingly.

The Kirkland Signature Vegetarian Pizza

Costco is known for offering quality items at unbeatably low prices, along with delicious food court offerings. In addition, they also provide frozen pizza options – many made right in-house – as an easy and delicious meal option at home – an alternative to Domino’s or similar restaurants.

There are various strategies you can employ to get Costco pizza without becoming a member, but the easiest and most straightforward solution lies in finding a store with an outdoor food court where you can order and pay cash without ever being asked for your membership card number.

If you want your Costco pizza at a particular time, be sure to call ahead and place an order for pick-up. Typically it should arrive 20-30 minutes after placing, however depending on their workload or multiple orders being processed this may take longer.

Costco began adding “How2Recycle” labels to pizza boxes in October 2021 to reduce waste, but members noticed they don’t comply with specific recycling regulations and rules. While this effort aims to decrease carbon emissions from frozen snacks such as pizza, there may still be issues associated with its components, which do not entirely adhere to vegetarianism and contain animal residue.

The Kirkland Signature Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza

Instead of the typical pizza box, this frozen option features a flat bottom with more room to add toppings. Plus, its delicate crust offers better value. Although more costly than its Combo cousin, this frozen treat remains an exceptional value and a great deal for pizza enthusiasts on a tight budget!

As with other Costco pizzas, this one features low moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese (milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, microbial enzyme, lipase, and cellulose) as well as pepperoni made of pork and beef with salt, sodium erythorbate dextrose spices smoke flavor citric acid and sodium nitrite precooked and packaged prior to freezing for storage before being ready to be eaten again later on.

Costco recently shared on their Facebook page the news that all pizza boxes will now feature the How2Recycle stamp as part of their sustainability efforts. They claim this addition will reduce waste and confusion about what materials can be recycled while at the same time creating more confusion among members as regulations for recycling may differ depending on where you reside. Unfortunately, this change has caused some discord among members as this could mean different rules may vary from state to state.

At present, Costco pizza orders can only be placed directly through their food court check stands or by calling ahead. This ensures your pizza will be cooked and ready to enjoy when you arrive; for a more straightforward solution, consider calling ahead and asking your order to be prepared by a specific time instead.