Evie Launcher


The Evie Launcher is a software application that is available on the Internet. This tool can customize your folders, and it also give ions to search through the Internet. Its main features include a Smart search function, an Autocomplete feature, and the ability to search the movie database.

Autocomplete web search results

Evie Launcher is a free Android app that brings a search-centric interface to your home screen. The launcher includes the usual launcher elements, such as a search bar, an alphabetized list of installed apps, a dock, and a notification center. However, it also has features that distinguish it from other options.

The main feature of Evie is its search bar. This is a spotlight-like bar that allows users to perform quick searches. You can even launch apps from the search bar.

In addition to its search bar, Evie has an Evie App Drawer. To access the app drawer, you must swipe up from the bottom of the screen. After you have accessed the drawer, you can drag any launcher to your home screen.

The Evie app isn’t as feature-rich as Google Pixel Launcher but offers several other benefits. For example, it supports the search bar showing nearby places and system settings.

Brilliant results for the movie

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Folder customization options

The Evie Launcher is a simple and elegant Android launcher. It provides users with access to apps and information instantly. Users can change the look and feel of icons and wallpapers. They can also configure the size and number of columns.

Evie allows users to search for contacts, locations, and content within an app. It also includes a universal search feature that works similarly to iOS’s search. In addition to the search feature, Evie’s launcher features a permanent search bar at the top of the screen.

Evie’s Dock Settings allow users to customize the appearance of the dock. For example, you can change the size of the dock background and customize its color. Likewise, you can adjust the number of columns and customize the shape of the icon labels.

Evie’s Folders settings provide you with a more comprehensive set of options. These include the number of icons, their appearance, and their shapes. You can also change the background transparency.

Nova Launcher vs. Evie Launcher

The Nova Launcher and Evie Launcher are the most popular Android launchers. They each provide users with different customization and personalization options. Of course, it’s up to you which one you want to choose.

Nova Launcher has been around for over half a decade and has a vast feature set. For example, the user can customize the look of the search bars, folders, and the subgrid position on the home screen.

Evie Launcher is an Android app hailed as the perfect alternative to Nova Launcher. This one offers more personalization options and a cleaner interface than the original. This launcher also features a simple interface and is very easy to use.

Evie Launcher is free to download. However, you will need to install the Google Now companion app.

Evie also provides a search function that lets you quickly find the needed apps. You can also change the style of the dock and the startscherm. Another helpful option is the ability to add gestures.