Fittr Review


Whether you’re a seasoned fitness buff or a newbie, you’ll find that Fittr is a great way to help you get fit. From exercise and diet plans to access to a community of active users, Fittr can help you make the most of your workouts.

Fitness app

FITTR is an all-in-one fitness app that unites like-minded people to achieve their fitness goals. It combines fitness with community, nutrition, and mental well-being. It is free to download and offers a wide range of features.

The app provides training charts and a diet chart based on food preferences. It also tracks fitness levels, calories, and distance.

Fittr also offers a free fitness training guide and a community of over 8 million members. The app encourages users to lift weights and walk more. It also offers a variety of challenges that keep users motivated. Users can follow people who inspire them. There are also regular app updates and workout videos.

Diet plans

Unlike the dodo, Fittr is not a one-man show. The company has around 200 certified fitness instructors manning the helm. Despite the fact that Fittr is a for-pay enterprise, they offer free services to boot. The company’s top-of-the-range offerings include its flagship Fittr Fitness program, a one-on-one personal training program, and the Fittr Health Program for busy professionals. They also offer a range of group exercise classes, from a weekly Pilates class to a yoga session for a group of eight. Despite their claims of success, it is safe to assume that the company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their target demographic is a plethora of professionals, which makes sizing up their offerings all the more important.

Exercise selection

Whether you’re looking to buy a new pair of shoes or you’re just looking for a new jogging partner, Fittr is the one-stop fitness solution for you. It’s been designed to be a fun, interactive, and functional way to achieve your fitness goals. Fittr is not limited to the fitness realm and also offers a wide range of services that are bound to suit your budget. From fitness equipment to health and fitness guides, you are sure to find everything you need and more.

Fittr has a wide range of features and services that include a free training guide, daily food suggestions, fitness games, and even a handy fit shop. It’s all about keeping you accountable and motivated, so be sure to pick up some new-fangled Fittr swag while you’re at it.


Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro, Fittr is a platform that empowers you to achieve your fitness goals. It offers a wide variety of tools and resources, including live fitness sessions with experts. It also has an active community of fitness enthusiasts who are committed to scientific-based knowledge.

Fittr is a free app that provides an easy way to access fitness plans and resources. It also helps you track your fitness progress and offers nutrition tips. You can even join a group of experts to ask questions or participate in Q&A sessions.

Fittr has an active community of fitness enthusiasts spread across the world. Originally, the platform was launched as a WhatsApp group. It was based on the Systematic Quantitative Unified Aesthetic Transformation System. The community gained popularity through word-of-mouth recommendations. Eventually, the community grew into a Facebook group.

Monthly active users

Designed by Pune-based SQUATS, Fittr is an end-to-end wellness platform that helps users with fitness, nutrition, mental health and other aspects of their lives. It provides free workouts, recipes, training tools, and nutritional advice. The app has a monthly active user base of around 450,000, with over 220,000 paying customers.

The app features a search feature that enables users to find friends and colleagues with similar interests. Users can also opt to follow people who inspire them or motivate them.

Fittr also features a gamified transformation challenge system. Users earn Bitcoins as they complete challenges. These coins can be redeemed for Fitshop items. Users can also participate in 1-on-1 sessions with coaches to stay in shape.


Besides being a fitness aggregator, Fittr is also a content creator. Besides the usual suspects like Fitternity, the platform boasts a plethora of fitness and wellness content including fitness videos, recipes, exercise physiology, and fitness tips from professional fitness experts. In addition, the platform offers free workouts and workouts with a personal trainer.

The Fittr app also features a sipper bottle, apparel, a weighing scale, and a starter kit. The platform also has a robust community. One of the most impressive aspects of the platform is its end-to-end features. The app enables users to access the services of various businesses, such as yoga and Zumba teachers, personal trainers, and health coaches.