Goldview Property Management Reviews


If you are considering hiring Goldview Property Management, you may wonder what you should expect from the company. A service-oriented independent firm, Goldview provides high-caliber, cost-effective solutions to its residents, making the living experience for their residents stress-free and worry-free. The company manages an extensive portfolio of diverse properties. So whether you are looking for a property management firm to take care of your entire property portfolio or just a few properties, Goldview can handle it all.

Customer reviews

Goldview Property Management is one of the leading property management firms in Toronto, Ontario. The company has been in the business for over 30 years and manages a portfolio of over 130 properties. Its young professionals are committed to providing superior services to landlords and tenants. It also maintains a close relationship with its clients. Its services include maintenance services and regular communication between tenants and landlords. If you are in the market for a new property manager, Goldview is the company to contact.

A property manager’s most essential features are responsiveness and communication. This is important for any landlord or tenant, and the service you receive from Goldview is no exception. This company provides excellent service and has earned a reputation for being a top company for its services. However, the service provided by Goldview Property Management isn’t perfect. Some tenants have reported dealings with rude and unresponsive staff.

Response to a fire

The fire at Goldview property management resulted from the company’s failure to follow fire safety guidelines. The management company instructed staff to place large items against the walls of the building, which violated Ontario Fire Code Section 24.1.1(4). Firefighters also discovered a large bank of live, high-voltage power cables encased in plastic conduit.


Goldview Property Management is a leading independent service provider providing innovative, efficient, cost-effective property management solutions. The firm specializes in managing a broad portfolio of properties, including residential and commercial properties. Its unique approach to property management is geared toward providing residents with a worry-free living experience.

The multifamily sector is currently undergoing a period of high demand. As a result, rents remain high. To compete, property management companies must develop new solutions to keep up with changing needs of residents. One way to do this is to keep up with the latest technology and services.

Cost-effective solutions

Goldview Property Management is a leading firm that guarantees top-quality services and cost-effective solutions. They utilize green technology and advanced communication networks to provide their clients with the best possible property management solutions. Founded 30 years ago, Goldview is an industry leader with a comprehensive portfolio of over 130 properties. As a result, their clients can enjoy a worry-free living experience.

The innovative solutions offered by Goldview Property Management are built to help property managers improve their business performance. These include CRM modules and industry-standard BI tools. For example, SiteLink can integrate with your official website. In addition, it can automate many of your most important processes. It can also help you save time by enabling you to focus on more critical issues, such as tenant satisfaction.