Good Cheap Food Near Aurangabad


If you’re looking for some good cheap food near Aurangabad, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find several places that serve reasonably priced fare. These places include Sugardough Bakery Cafe, Citrus Cafe, Tandoor Restaurant and Bar, and Kream N Krunch.

Citrus Cafe

If you’re planning to have a good meal on a budget near Aurangabad, Citrus Cafe is the place to go. The eatery serves various dishes, including Italian, continental, and Chinese. It also offers take-out service. Its friendly staff will be happy to serve you.

Its location makes it an excellent place for people to meet and bond. In addition, the restaurant has a television screen in the center, where guests can watch events together. This makes it an ideal place for meetings, as the TV channels can be set according to the guests’ choices. However, you may be unable to make any special requests for your meal.

There are many vegetarian options available near Aurangabad. The City’s vegetarian population is reflected in its cuisine. You can find dishes such as dal tadka and thalipeeth. You can also enjoy vegetarian curries prepared using ground vegetables and grains. Most restaurants in the City also serve seasonal vegetables. Vegetarian curries are served with sheermal, a flatbread infused with saffron.

Sugardough Bakery Cafe

Good cheap food near Aurangabad at this cafe is easy to come by and tastes delicious! It has a variety of tasty doughnuts and excellent service. The atmosphere is cozy, and the staff is friendly and passionate about their jobs. The menu is extensive, with many mouthwatering flavors. You will be able to find something to suit every taste and budget. So if you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, you can stop by any time, from breakfast to lunch.

If you’re looking for good cheap food near Aurangabad, you can’t go wrong with Sugardough Bakery Cafe. Located in the quaint neighborhood of Nirala Bazaar, this cafe serves delicious cakes, cookies, and waffles. While there aren’t many bars in Aurangabad, the City is home to several religious sites. So you’ll want to visit one of the nearby cafes.

Tandoor Restaurant and Bar

In the area near the city center, you can find street stalls that serve cheap and delicious food. You can choose from a range of dishes such as deep-fried chicken, flavored with spices, or tandoori chicken, which is crispy skinned chicken skewered in hot oil. Other inexpensive options include fried rice and haleem, a stew made of red meat, and white rice. You can also indulge in fried snacks like Mawa jalebis in the area.

If you want to try out delicious Indian cuisine without breaking the bank, you should consider visiting Tandoor Restaurant and Bar. It has a decent customer base and has excellent reviews for its delicious food. In addition, it offers reasonable prices and a relaxing environment. You can even order food to go for a quick lunch or dinner. In addition to their mouthwatering Indian dishes, they offer affordable drinks, including hand-ground coffee.

Kream N Krunch

If you are searching for an excellent place to eat in Aurangabad, try Kream N Krunch. This place is renowned for its affordable food and good quality food. It also has a clean and hygienic environment. Its staff is friendly, and the service is good. There is a good selection of drinks and soft drinks for you to sip on.

The restaurant specializes in Biryani and other North Indian dishes. In addition, it offers takeaway and packing services. The food is tasty and served by courteous and well-trained staff. The menu features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. It also offers ice cream and beverages. It has both an indoor and outdoor dining area.

Great Sagar

The eight-tabled Sagar Bill has not been seen for a very long time. So it is time to bring it back. But where? Probably the Great Sagar, which is not far from Aurangabad. Fortunately, there is still a good deal of cheap food in the Aurangabad area.

Most of the Inexpensive Restaurants in Aurangabad-Maharashtra serve local specialties. Some of these include Parotta Kurma, Chicken Biryani, and Mutton Biryani. You can also find a variety of South Indian cuisine. Some of the best options include Hotel Shiva Sagar, Arasan Chettinad Restaurant, and Bisi Bela Bharath.

The Great Sagar restaurant serves a variety of delicious cuisines. In addition to Mughlai, Chinese, and North Indian dishes, it also has seafood and kebabs. It also has a wide variety of desserts and drinks. The only drawback is that it is not easy to make reservations during the weekend.