Good Vacation Spots in Tiruppur


Tiruppur is a city located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is the administrative centre of the Tiruppur district and the fifth largest city in the state. Its population is over one million and is home to many cultural, educational, and commercial centres. It is a beautiful place to spend a vacation, whether you’re visiting for a family reunion or simply want to visit a local temple.

Tirumurugan Poondi is a village near Tiruppur

Thirumurugan Poondi is based in the district of Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu. It has a population of 14,789 and is a town panchayat. The town panchayat administers basic amenities for the residents of Thirumuruganpoondi. It also has the authority to construct roads and collect taxes on property under its jurisdiction. Approximately 0.2% of the population is Schedule Caste and ST.

Thirumurugan Poondi is based on the Census of India Town-code 804022. It is located in the Avanashi Taluk of the Tiruppur district. There are 15 wards in the town. The population of Thirumurugan Poondi includes people of both sexes.

The temple is believed to have been built by the Kongu Cholas. This temple is located 9 km away from Tiruppur on the Tiruppur-Avinasi road. The temple is small and does not have a Rajagopuram, but it contains a Lingam image of Shiva facing west. The temple contains two halls leading to the sanctum.

On Wednesday, the forest department’s frontline team was camping at Pongupalayam near Perumanallur. They had received information that a leopard was in the area. The frontline staff surrounded the area and attempted to capture the animal. However, the leopard escaped from the frontline staff and entered an open field covered with thick shrubs.

Sri Sukreeswarar Temple

There are a lot of temples in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu. Some are situated in the hills, like the Sukreeswarar Temple of Sarkar Periyapalayam. This temple is a rich heritage temple built by the Pandyas in the 10th century. The temple is almost always deserted, although locals sometimes visit it.

Another attraction in Tiruppur is the Harsha Garden, an exquisitely landscaped garden. The gardens attract tourists and locals and are most beautiful in the morning. The view of the surrounding mountains is especially beautiful at this time of the day.

Other attractions in Tiruppur include the Mayberry Boutique Hotel, where you can enjoy a luxurious stay. The rooms at this hotel are well-appointed and have modern amenities. The area is also known as the KNITWEAR CAPITAL OF INDIA. Tirupur produces 90% of the cotton knitwear that India exports. The textile industry has thrived in this region for the past three decades.

The town is also home to the Avinashi Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is located near the town of Avinashi and has a good parking area and rock sculptures at the entrance. The Sukreeswarar Temple is another important temple in Tiruppur. It is located on the banks of River Nallar.

If you love nature, Grass Hill is a great place for trekking. Nearby, you can also visit the Thirumoorthy Falls. The waterfalls in this park are over a thousand years old, making them a perfect destination for a picnic. And if you love waterfalls, why not try a trip to the waterfall at Thirumoorthy Malai?

Another good place to visit when you visit Tiruppur is the Mukurthi National Park, about 165 km away. This national park is home to the Nilgiri Tahr and native hill tribes like the Toda. The park is also home to various kinds of birds and fauna.

Sri Kaadu Hanumantharaya Swamy Temple

The Sri Kaadu Hanumantharayam Swamy Temple is one of the most important sacred shrines of the Madhwa community. This temple is located in Dharapuram, about 56 km from Tiruppur. It is home to the idol of Rama, installed by the great Madhwa saint Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu. The right hand of Sri Kaadu Hanumantharayothra Swamy is believed to bless the devotees.

This shrine is one of the best places in Tamil Nadu to visit. This temple has unique architecture. Visitors are required to climb 50 steps to reach the shrine. This temple also has an idol of Lord Dattatreya, which can be seen in the samadhi of a long-term disciple. After visiting the temple, pilgrims perform a milk abhisheka and salutations of the deity.

In 1757 CE, a Dutch ship stopped in Varkala. The wind was blowing in his favour. The ship’s captain prayed to the deity, which helped the vessel move forward. The ship sailed to the north shortly afterwards.

Another important temple is the Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple, located about 17km from Tiruppur. Sundharapandiya built this temple in the 15th century. The temple has an interesting history and is famous for its architecture. In ancient times, this area was known as Thirupukkaliyur. It is believed that the Lord Avinashi Appar was brought from Kasi. The water from the Kasi well brings great blessings to the devotees.

The temple is also home to the Swayambu Hanuman image. It is placed over the Abhaya hastha and was brought here from the Marunthuvazh Malai, on the Southern tip of the Western Ghats. It is also home to many creepers and plants with medicinal properties.

In addition to the Sri Kaadu Hanumantharayswamy Temple, several other temples are worth visiting in Tiruppur. The Aadu Hanumantharaya Swamigal Temple, built over the Swayambu Hanuman about 500-600 years ago, is another great destination. This temple features a huge, 16-foot statue of Hanuman carved in granite. Special prayers are conducted on full moon days.

Sri Sivanmalai Murugan Temple

The Sri Sivanmalai Murugan temple is an important tourist site in Tiruppur. It is built in the Dravidian style. It is believed to have been built during the reign of the Kongu Cholas in the 10th century. The temple is dedicated to Shiva in its various avatars, including Thirumuruganatheeswarar and Avudainayagi. There are two interesting legends associated with the temple. You can also visit the Tiruppur Kumaran Memorial Statue within the city limits.

The temple is accessible by road. The State Transport Corporation operates bus services to the temple. A passenger vehicle runs every half an hour on festival days. On non-festival days, there is a one-hour bus service. The temple is located on the State Highway connecting Kangayam and Tiruppur. It is 5 km from Kangayam and 24 km from Tiruppur. The temple is also well-connected by train.

Sri Sivanmalai Murugan temple is a 750-year-old temple and is the place where the Siva vakkiya siththar meditated. There is ample parking space for the devotees. Its outer praharam features the Sivan and Ambal sannithis. You can also see Saneeswaran sanity, the statue of Lord Muruga himself.

The temple is also an important spiritual destination in Tiruppur. It attracts around 200 visitors each day. In addition to the main temple, there are other temples in the Tiruppur district worth visiting. You can also visit the Arulmigu Uthukuli Murugan Temple in Uthukuli, Tamil Nadu, around 16 km from the city.

You can visit Thirumoorthy falls, a famous waterfall in Tamilnadu near the temple. The temple is at the foot of a hill, near the Thirumoorthy dam. It is accessible by car, bus, or foot. The temple is open for pilgrims from 8 AM to 5 pm.

Besides the temple, you can also visit Udumalpet, a scenic drive away from Tiruppur. There are picnic spots and boating spots at Udumalpet. The temple is also near the Tirumurthy hills, where you can enjoy the cool climate.