Hollard Insurance Reviews


Hollard Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in South Africa. It offers various cover options for its customers, from car insurance to home contents and building insurance.

They also offer a range of retirement saving options. This includes the Hollard-linked endowment, which provides tax benefits and a regular income.

Customer Service

Hollard Insurance Reviews is a well-known company that offers various services. It is present in over seven countries and has an excellent reputation among its clients. It also has a great customer service department that will assist you in every way possible.

To provide customers with a better experience, Hollard Insurance Reviews has invested a lot of time and money into making its systems more user-friendly. This means you can do most of your interactions with them online, saving you time and money.

For example, if you need to file a complaint, you can do so online. This will help you avoid visiting a physical office and waiting in line for an extended period. Moreover, you will be able to get an answer from a representative right away. If unsatisfied, you can always escalate the matter to Hollard’s higher management.

Claims Process

A good claims process is the lifeblood of any insurer, and Hollard Insurance Reviews makes it a priority to have an efficient system in place. Its claims processing center is located in Cape Town, where it has a staff of over 650 people who handle more than one million claims each year.

The company also makes it a point to keep its customer service online, which is convenient for many consumers. Its systems are user-friendly and can be used to perform a range of functions, such as quoting and filing a complaint.

According to Kabelo Gude, chief operations officer at Hollard’s Life Solutions division, the most successful claims are those where policyholders comply with the proper documentation. This includes submitting all necessary supporting documents, which can help to fast-track the process and ensure the claim is resolved promptly. The most crucial part is providing all the information submitted correctly and in the appropriate format.

Coverage Options

Having been in business for over 60 years, Hollard has made a name for itself as a highly reputable insurance provider. It offers an array of different insurance policies, including home and car coverage, that meet the needs of its customers.

Similarly, it offers employee-related covers that can help companies afford their employees a healthy life and ensure they get better retirement benefits. The company also has specialized business insurance that protects businesses against liability and other risks that can impact their operations.

For example, their car insurance policies include comprehensive coverage and a pay-as-you-drive body. This coverage option can save you quite a bit of money on your premium because it only applies to the number of kilometers that you drive each month.

Likewise, Cigna has partnered with Hollard to offer an international private medical insurance (iPMI) plan to international teachers and their families living or working in Africa. The two organizations want to make it easy for teachers to find affordable, personalized, and high-quality health care anywhere in the world.


Hollard Insurance Reviews is a South African-based company devoted to making insurance affordable. It provides a variety of services to people around the globe.

They are one of the largest independent and privately owned insurers in South Africa. They offer a wide range of insurance products, including car, home, and life cover.

The company also offers various services for businesses, including general liability and certain liabilities. These covers are designed to protect your business from various unforeseen events, such as damage caused by clients or their products, accidents involving employees and third-party property, etc.

They have also invested a lot of time and money into making their systems user-friendly. This allows their customers to make use of a variety of tools and services without having to visit a physical officeThesese are online quotes, claims filings, and other related functions. The company also has a customer service team available at all times of the day or night.