How to Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank


To utilize Canara Bank’s internet, phone banking, and other services, your mobile number must be registered. It is mandatory.

Canara offers international money transfers to India at no additional costs and with the exact exchange rate displayed by Google.

How do you change the mobile number in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank offers online Banking accounts that allow their customers to modify their registered mobile numbers. Log into one and choose “Update Profile.” Here, a list of your personal information, including user ID, name, and address, will appear; these items can be modified as desired.

Your phone number linked with Canara Bank accounts allows for SMS notifications of transactions and vital news to arrive immediately in case your phone gets lost or stolen, and also helps generate your transaction password for Canara Bank transactions. With smartphones equipped with CANDIMOBILE applications installed, changing mobile numbers is even simpler: simply log in via MPIN/Passcode, then navigate directly to ‘Profile/Personal Details and add/change mobile number via OTP verification.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, visit your bank branch and submit a request to change your mobile number. Be sure to bring documents such as:


Canara Bank customers looking to change their mobile numbers can easily do so online by opening a net banking account and having an active phone number that can receive SMS and OTP. Follow these steps to help change your registered mobile number in Canara bank quickly and easily.

Log into your Canara Bank net banking account and visit the profile option. In your profile section, navigate to the services tab and change your mobile number. Afterward, an OTP will be sent to confirm this transaction before updating Canara Bank with the new number.

Integrating your phone number with your bank account is increasingly becoming essential for many reasons. Not only will it allow you to get real-time transaction alerts on your smartphone, but it will also enable the bank to use mobile banking services for other transactions. Furthermore, having this linked can add another layer of protection: should someone gain access to your ATM card and 4-digit PIN, for instance, they will receive an SMS alert from them immediately instead of going unnoticed by you!

Visit your local Canara Bank branch with valid identification documents such as an Aadhaar Card or Passport and present yourself to the Bank executive for verification of identity. He/She will give you a form to change your registered mobile number in your account; complete and sign it carefully – once this process is completed successfully, you’ll receive a reference number from them to update it in your new phone.

Canara Bank ATMs are also an efficient way to register, simply by inserting your ATM Debit Card, entering its PIN, and selecting registration as your registration option. Once this process has been completed, a unique reference number will be generated; make a note of it! After selecting the registration option and updating the profile with the new mobile number(s), if it changes, Canara Bank will send an SMS notification directly to the new phone.


Linking a bank account with your mobile number is essential for several reasons. First, it enables real-time transaction notifications on your phone; additionally, this allows access to various bank services like internet banking or SMS Phone Banking.

Change the Mobile Number on Your Canara Bank Account: It’s an easy and quick process to change the registered mobile number at your Canara bank account. Just visit your home branch and submit the form provided by them to complete this change process. After the OTP has been issued to validate your new number, use it to check your balance or access other account-related details using it as soon as you receive it!

Canara Bank has made changing your mobile number easier with the CANDIMOBILE app. Simply log-in using your MPIN or passcode, select “Profile” then “Personal Details”, enter in both old and new mobile numbers before tapping “Update”. Once all this has been done, tap ‘Verify” before moving on with any further actions.

Canara Bank provides another method to change your mobile number by visiting the branch where your account resides and visiting with photo identification and address proof to request a KYC Details Change form from an executive. When completed, submit it along with any necessary documents; upon review, an executive will verify your form signature before changing your number in their system.

If you don’t have time to visit a bank, registering your mobile number with an ATM might be your ideal solution. The process takes only 2 minutes and requires your Canara Bank debit card, passbook opening page copy, Aadhar card copy, or ID as proof. When approaching the cash cabin, tell them you would like to register your number – after this, they will provide a unique PIN that allows you to access bank accounts while creating Green Pins.


Canara Bank has made changing your mobile number easy and can be done through bank branches or the customer care number. Once registered, your new number will be updated within two working days; an SMS message will be sent out containing both old and new numbers with a reference number to assist in verifying them. Alternatively, you can change it using their Canara Digital Rupee App, available both on iOS and Android platforms.

Canara Bank was established in 1906 and is one of India’s oldest public sector banks, operating from over 1200 branches nationwide. Offering products and services, including loans, deposits, credit cards, and membership to the Reserve Bank of India, fixed deposit principal and interest are protected through Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India – Canara Bank offers its customers an impressive variety of products and services!

Canara Bank offers multiple options to change your phone number, with branch visits being the easiest method. Once there, provide both old and new mobile numbers along with the reason why. Once completed, they’ll verify all details before updating your account information accordingly, allowing you to make payments online and send money between accounts within Canara.

Canara Bank offers an easy-to-navigate website that makes viewing account balances, IFSC codes, branch addresses, and more a reality. All devices connected to the internet can access this page – or use its IFSC Code Find function to search other banks’ codes!

Linking your bank account and mobile phone number is vitally important to maintaining security. Doing this ensures that if someone gains access to your ATM card and 4-digit PIN, they cannot make transactions without first being verified by your mobile phone. In addition, this also allows you to generate OTPs for payments made using BHIM or Google Pay using this registered number.