How to Find Asphalt Paving Near Me


Paving an asphalt driveway can be costly, but you can save money by shopping around and gathering multiple estimates from paving professionals. Do not go with contractors that offer significantly lower bids, as this could indicate subpar work quality. Select the best Mesa Asphalt Paving.

A professional paver will carefully assess the condition of your driveway or parking lot prior to beginning any resurfacing works, filling all valleys, grinding down peaks, and inspecting drainage features to make sure it’s ready for resurfacing.

Porous asphalt

Porous asphalt provides an alternative to conventional pavement surfaces by allowing rainwater to seep through and seep into the soil without pooling on top of it. Often designed with an underlying stone bed to manage stormwater effectively and enhance the sustainability of roads and parking lots. Furthermore, this method of construction may reduce the need for detention basins.

Although porous paving is relatively new to the US market, its use is becoming increasingly common across communities that prioritize low environmental impact. Permeable pavement allows natural groundwater recharge while decreasing runoff into creeks and rivers.

Porous asphalt surfaces tend to be less costly than traditional paved surfaces yet require additional care in terms of maintenance. Also important: soils high in sulfates can damage this form of paving; to avoid any complications with their installation process and ensure optimal results, businesses should select a porous asphalt product with high resistance against this element and install it onto an appropriate base that is compatible with local soil types.

Porous asphalt provides many safety advantages over its counterparts, such as reduced glare and road spray, improved skid resistance, and decreased road noise levels – qualities that make it an excellent choice for parking lots or driveways with heavy traffic loads.


Homeowners can tackle some asphalt driveway repair projects themselves, such as sealing cracks and adding cold patch asphalt or filling potholes. A professional is often the better option when dealing with severe damage caused by heavy vehicles or weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and sunlight; contractors are usually available to spot-repair or resurface an asphalt driveway and can offer warranties for their work.

Average costs associated with asphalt driveway repair can reach $4,800 on average. This figure includes excavation and drainage services to remove standing water as well as landscaping the surrounding area for increased protection of lawns, plants, gardens, trees, and shrubs.

Repairing asphalt requires hiring a contractor who will prepare the area that needs fixing before laying and compacting new hot or cold patches of asphalt on top of existing ones. Once this has been accomplished, contractors should tamp down and seal off the area to prevent rainwater from entering its foundation and further damaging the driveway foundation.

Homeowners can hire a professional to install permeable pavers on their driveway to assist water in draining away from the surface of the pavement. These permeable pavers may consist of porous materials like sand or gravel, as well as nonporous blocks spaced out to allow water to pass through and drain out quickly. Maintenance for such systems typically entails occasional raking and blowing away of debris from their surfaces.


An asphalt overlay, also known as resurfacing, is an affordable and effective solution for repairing surface damage to an existing asphalt driveway or parking lot. This technique entails placing a new layer of blacktop over damaged areas to address cracking, rutting, depressions caused by large vehicles, and water damage issues.

Before applying an overlay to an existing asphalt surface, proper preparation must take place. Milling is used as a technique that “shaves down” existing pavement layers until their thickness matches that of an overlay application. Once milling has taken place, damaged areas will receive base patches, while a tack coat helps bind them securely with existing surface conditions.

When selecting an asphalt resurfacing contractor, be sure to choose an experienced one with stellar references and a track record. An effective way of doing so is visiting local asphalt paving company websites to view past project photos as well as client references and warranty length.

A new asphalt driveway can add considerable value and curb appeal to your home yet still require regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and durability. Before hiring any residential paving contractors, be sure to assess drainage conditions as well as soil conditions in order to make an informed decision.


Freshly-paved asphalt driveways or parking lots make an excellent first impression, but over time, they deteriorate due to exposure and vehicle traffic. Seal coating offers a practical, cost-efficient, and simple solution for beautifying and prolonging the lifespan of pavement surfaces, covering minor blemishes and cracks while covering more serious damages or replacing damaged areas of your pavement surface. However, professional contractors can offer more serious asphalt repair services, including hot asphalt saw cut repairs, sunken apron repairs, overlay repair, or complete repaving for more significant issues that need to be addressed by seal coating alone.

One standard error among non-professionals is applying too much sealer. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, too much sealant will create a thick layer that traps moisture in your asphalt and becomes difficult to remove without damaging its surface. Sealing contractors have extensive training in knowing exactly how much sealant should be applied for an outstanding finish that lasts over time.

Schedule driveway or parking lot seal coating services during late spring, summer, or early fall to take advantage of optimal weather conditions for this task. Temperatures must remain stable, while pavement must remain dry to ensure optimal adhesion. A professional paving contractor will know whether coal tar, asphalt, or acrylic polymer sealers would best fit your asphalt surface – and can explain each option’s benefits to you.

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