How to Find Drafts in Hootsuite


Scheduled drafts

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media scheduling and monitoring platform. It helps brands deliver 5-star social experiences to customers and manage customer conversations. The affordable platform gives users access to various tools for managing content, analyzing social metrics, and measuring performance. If you are a business owner, blogger, or brand manager, Hootsuite can help you automate and schedule posts across multiple platforms to reach your audience at the best times. To try Hootsuite, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

You can schedule and post content in Hootsuite using the Composer tool. This feature allows you to select your social networks and create drafts that you can edit later. When you’re finished crafting your drafts, click publish. Once published, the post is available for viewing and editing in the Content tab. After your post is scheduled, it will appear in your calendar with a draft indicator. You can adjust dates and delete and duplicate posts in the calendar interface.

You can also use the Post and Duplicate feature to make multiple drafts. This lets you plan a series of posts with similar content. For example, a social marketing team could create a series of posts for Halloween. They can then collaborate on editing the drafts so they can all be sent out on the same day.

Hootsuite’s Collaborative Drafts feature is designed to make posting social content safe and easy. A draft’s publication can be shared with other team members with the proper permissions for their accounts. Another member can even review and comment on the draft before publishing. The collaboration feature is available in the Planner and Composer tabs.

Several features in Hootsuite help you craft posts more efficiently. For example, you can sync the Inbox activity between the desktop and mobile apps. You can also access the Help Center for answers to your questions. Other helpful features include calendars, invoices, product announcements, and more.

Another Hootsuite feature is its automatic Facebook post scheduler. It helps you to automatically send posts to Facebook profiles you have indicated as your primary social network. However, you cannot schedule posts to your profile. Instead, you can only manage up to ten social networks with the Professional plan. Alternatively, you can choose the Team plan, which lets you manage up to 20 social networks.

Finally, there is the Hootsuite Planner. This tool displays your drafts, unscheduled drafts, and scheduled content. In the Planner navigation panel, you can change the dates of your drafts, revert them to drafts, and edit them. Reviewing these drafts, you can create a social media calendar that will give you a clear picture of your upcoming campaign.

In addition to managing your social media posts, Hootsuite is great for tracking mentions and assigning follow-up tasks. It has a “tweet for support” feature, which allows you to tweet directly to a help team. You can also export your analytics from the platform. Additionally, Hootsuite has a video-first support method, allowing you to watch a video before getting help.