How to Fix Facial Asymmetry Naturally


A symmetrical face is characterized by features that are similar on both sides of the face. On the other hand, an asymmetrical face may have different features on one side. This can result from various factors, including crooked teeth or a different-sized ear. Most people have some level of asymmetry in their facial features. While most of the asymmetry is due to genetics, some are due to other factors.


Facial asymmetry can make a person’s face appear unnatural. The good news is that you can fix the problem naturally with a few simple exercises. These exercises are completely noninvasive, and you can even do them in the privacy of your own home. Facial exercises can help you achieve a symmetrical smile without surgery or costly procedures.

Facial exercises work by strengthening the muscles underneath the skin. This helps keep the skin in good shape and prevents it from sagging. However, facial asymmetry is often caused by improper body posture. To avoid this problem, you should try to maintain an upright posture. Good posture also means relaxed shoulders and steady breathing.

Eyelid tape

While surgery may be an excellent option for some, many other options are available to naturally correct facial asymmetry. These include makeup and eyelid tape. These can be used at home and have no downtime. These options are not only less expensive and less invasive but can also improve your vision.

Eyelid tape works by lifting the skin on the eyelid. It can be used to correct asymmetrical eyelids and is cheaper and safer than surgery. However, choosing an eyelid tape made from quality materials and comfortable to wear is essential. Various brands are available at beauty stores and big-box stores. Eyelid tapes can cost anywhere from $10 to USD 20, depending on the type and style you need.

Cleft lip and palate

In the past, jaw surgery was the most common treatment for facial asymmetry. Today, this is only used in extreme cases. It is unlikely to provide adequate results. However, some cases may require a replacement of one or more facial bones. If you have asymmetrical jaws, you may want to consider a natural treatment option first before considering surgery.

Fortunately, there are many alternative treatments for facial asymmetry. Unfortunately, most of these involve invasive surgeries and painful treatments. Last year, close to 20 million women underwent surgery to fix asymmetry. It is not only painful to the face but also very expensive. Another treatment option is facial exercises involving repetitive movements and exaggerated facial expressions.

Vascular disorders

Facial asymmetry can be caused by genetics, vascular disorders, or a combination of factors. In some cases, a person’s asymmetry is desirable, while in others, it is a sign of an underlying medical issue. Treating the underlying cause will usually reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry. However, if your asymmetry is causing discomfort or affecting your health, seek medical help immediately. In addition, if your asymmetry is causing you to be self-conscious, you may also opt for a cosmetic procedure.

Although facial asymmetry is expected, some people do not even realize they have it. For many, it may just be a sign of ageing or genetics. In other cases, asymmetry can make a person look unattractive, but it does not require surgical intervention.


Facial asymmetry can be caused by a variety of factors, including smoking. Smoking can cause muscle strengthening on one side of the face, which results in an uneven facial appearance. It can also weaken the tissue that folds the skin naturally. Smoking also damages the skin by exposing it to the harmful effects of toxins and UV rays.

Although asymmetry is a natural part of the human face, it is unacceptable for some people. How many natural remedies are available if you’re unhappy with your appealable?

Sleeping on your stomach

Facial asymmetry can occur for many reasons, including poor posture, sleeping on the side, and injuries. Sometimes, sleeping on the side with a more significant asymmetry can naturally correct the problem. Other times, facial asymmetry can be caused by a severe health condition, such as Bell’s Palsy, a viral infection of the face. Torticollis is another condition where the neck muscles rest in an abnormal position and causes the face to be disproportionate. In both cases, the condition is temporary.

Sleeping on your side can also contribute to forming facial creases and folds. As a result, you may end up with extra lines and wrinkles around your cheeks and the area around your eyes. To minimize this problem, it’s best to sleep on your back instead of your side.