How to Get a Job at FedEx


Having a job at FedEx can be an exhilarating experience. It’s a company known for being focused on business services and transportation. But, it’s also a company that is geared towards e-commerce.

Background checks

Whether you are considering applying for FedEx jobs or not, a background check can help you land your dream job. It will also give you a better understanding of what is expected of you.

A background check is not something to be rushed. Getting a full report may take a few days or even weeks. It will also be expensive. It is best to ensure you are truthful about your past and present.

The FedEx Office performs a standard background check on all applicants, which includes verifying their credit history, education, and employment history. The company will also search for criminal records from the last ten years.

In addition to a background check, you will be asked to fill out personality tests. These will test your strengths and weaknesses. The tests will vary depending on the position you are applying for.

Salary ranges

Despite having the world’s largest delivery company, FedEx’s salary ranges vary widely depending on the position and location. A few of the highest-paid posts at FedEx include operations manager, lead consultant, and senior technologist. But there are also many entry-level and seasonal jobs available.

Whether you’re considering FedEx as a career or want to know more about the benefits of working there, it’s essential to consider the salary ranges for the various roles. If you’re interested in a FedEx job, you can find a variety of positions on the company website.

For example, package handlers are employed by FedEx to ensure that the delivery of goods is done in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, their shifts are typically short, and they have access to medical and retirement plans. In addition, their pay ranges vary greatly depending on their experience and location.

Package handlers

Whether you are interested in a career in the shipping and delivery industry or looking for an extra source of income, you may want to consider a FedEx package handler job. This position offers several benefits, including health care plans and pension plans. There are also plenty of opportunities for advancement if you work hard.

A FedEx package handler job requires physical labor. You will need to lift heavy packages on conveyor belts, load them into trucks, and unload them. In addition, you will need to walk and crouch regularly. You will also need to maintain a clean work environment. Finally, you will need to follow instructions and work with a team to resolve any issues with safety and security.

You will need to pass a medical exam, drug test, and undergo physical evaluation before starting your job. You will also need to complete training. Some courses are provided by the employer, while others are offered at vocational schools or community colleges.

Operations managers

Among the numerous benefits of working as Operations Manager at FedEx is earning a handsome bonus of $6,800. However, it’s important to remember that FedEx operations managers must also promote the company’s objectives while encouraging the squad members to reach the next level.

Aside from promoting the company’s objectives, FedEx operations managers must also know how to motivate their employees and understand the various parts of the organization. They must be able to lead, inspire, and coach their squad members to accomplish the company’s goals. In addition, they must be prepared to answer behavioral and company-specific questions.

Aside from the typical day-to-day operations, FedEx operations managers must be adept in customer service, communications, and IT. They must be able to coordinate the movement of shipments while adhering to regulatory policies. They must also learn how to collaborate with external customers.


Those interested in a career as Drivers for FedEx jobs need to be ready to work long hours and make a decent salary. In addition, they need to have good communication skills and a valid driving license. They also need to be able to pass a drug test.

Applicants must first apply online. The application form will ask you to provide your name, address, phone number, educational background, and resume. You may also be asked to take a behavioral aptitude test.

FedEx delivery drivers are independent contractors. They pick packages from stores, businesses, and home offices and deliver them to locations. Typically, they receive payment for each stop they make. In addition, they will be responsible for loading and unloading freight.

If you decide to apply for a job with FedEx, you will be required to undergo a drug test and a background check. In some cases, you will be contacted for an interview. You will also need to complete a driving test.