How to Get Rust Off Metal


If you are wondering how to get the rust off metal, there are a few different methods you can try. One way is to apply a hydrogen peroxide paste to the rusty area. This paste can then be left on for about an hour before being washed off. This method works well for small patches on more oversized items and is a great DIY rust removal solution. Another option is to use a washing soda spray bottle to apply the hydrogen peroxide paste to the rusting area.

Citric acid

One of the easiest ways to remove rust from metal is to apply citric acid to the rusted area. The first step is to mix some citric acid powder with water. You can also use a wedge to scrub the rusted area. The mixture should be about 20:1 water to the powder. Allow the rusted item to sit in the solution for about two to four hours or overnight.

Citric acid is safe and can remove surface rust in as little as 20 minutes. However, if you leave it on metal for longer, it may change the finish. You can then polish the metal using fine wet/dry sandpaper. Though safe, you should be careful when using citric acid as it stings your hands.

Lemon and salt

Lemons are known to have a natural acid that works well to remove rust from metal. You can also use salt to clean rusted metal. To get started, squeeze half a lemon on a small piece of salt. Leave this mixture on the metal object for a couple of hours. Then use a brush to scrub away the rust. For more difficult stains, use steel wool or a scouring pad. To clean metal in general, use a soft-bristle brush.

You can also use vinegar or lemon juice to get rid of rust. You can mix these two products to make a paste. You should let the mixture sit for about 12 hours before removing the rust. You can also use baking soda to neutralize the vinegar trapped in crevices. When you are finished, rinse the item thoroughly with water.


The potato’s oxalic acid is an effective rust-removal agent. The rust dissolves when it is rubbed with the potato. Salt and baking soda can be added to the potato if necessary to make it more effective. If the rust is more stubborn, you can also use steel wool and a wire brush to get rid of it. Once the rust has been removed, rinse the object thoroughly under running water. Allow it to dry completely before storing.

You can also combine a baking soda and water mixture to remove rust. Another option is to place the rusted metal in a shallow container and cover it with a mixture of lime juice and salt. Then, use a brush to scrub the rusted metal. Alternatively, you can use a potato, but only for small areas. Be sure to apply dish soap to the potato before using it on rusty metal.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a great way to remove rust from metal. It is readily available and will not leave you disappointed. You can use it to clean rust from several different items. And, it’s eco-friendly too! If you want to use baking soda in specific places, you can mix it with water and use it to scrape off the rust from different metals.

When using this method, it’s essential to clean your object thoroughly. First, apply a small amount of water to the metal to help the baking soda adhere. Be careful not to apply too much water because it could cause the baking soda to drip off. Once the surface is wet, apply the baking soda evenly to the rusty area. After the baking soda has dried, scrub the rust off with a wet scrubbing pad.


If you have rust on a metal object, you can use WD-40 to remove it. This multi-purpose cleaner applies to a rusty metal with a wide spray nozzle. After applying the cleaner, allow it to sit on the rusted metal for about 5 to 10 minutes before wiping it away with a dishcloth.

Next, water and baking soda solution can be used on the rusted metal object. After an hour, use steel wool or wire brush to scrub the area. Allow the solution to dry before using it again.