How to Get to Lake Como, Italy


Getting to Lake Como can be easy or difficult, depending on your travel preferences. You can reach the region by car, ferry, train or even fly. Some towns are more accessible than others. For example, it may be easier to take the train from Milan than to get to Como by car. Other options include catching a train to Bellagio, taking a train to Como, and taking a Laki to the Lake.


There are several ways to get to Lake Como. Depending on your needs, you can get there by car, bus, train or fly. Some towns are easier to get to than others. You can also take a ferry or taxi. While traveling by car, be sure to use common sense to stay safe. For example, never leave valuables unattended, and keep copies of important documents in the cloud. Then, in case of theft, you can use these copies quicker than if you lost your originals.

If you’re traveling on a budget, there are other options. For example, if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape while avoiding the high cost of a cruise, you can take a slow boat. The journey takes about two hours and stops between 10 and 16 times along the way. The ferry is also cheaper and convenient for people who do not feel like spending the day in a car. Also, the ferry service does not operate during winter and does not restart until near Easter.

It would be best if you took a bus from Milan to get to Lake Como by train. There are several daily services from Milan to Como. You can book tickets at least six weeks in advance. However, note that trains book up faster in the summer months. Therefore, buy your train tickets well in advance to avoid being turned away at the last minute. If you’re not sure about train travel in Italy, read our article about getting to Lake Como by train.

The distance from Milan to Lake Como is less than 50 kilometers, so you can easily fit a day trip into your itinerary if you’re in Milan. It should take an hour and two hours to reach both cities, depending on where you’re going. If you’re traveling by car, you can reach Lake Como by bus in less than an hour. You can also take a train from Milan to Bellagio, about an hour’s drive.


If you’re planning a weekend getaway to Italy’s Lake Como, you’ll want to know how to get to Bellagio. If you’re coming from outside Europe, you’ll likely land at Milan’s Malpensa airport. Then, you can take a train to Lecco and catch a ferry to Bellagio. Otherwise, you can take a bus or train from Bergamo or Lecco to Bellagio.

You can also take the Bellagio Express train. This train travels between May and September and allows you to hop on and off at several locations. It is a great way to see Bellagio’s harbor and town. You can catch the train from the airport to the city’s southwest. Once you arrive, walk to the hotel to take your luggage up the hill. If you have an extended vacation, you can rent a car in the nearby town of Varenna.

If you prefer to drive to Bellagio, there are also public and private ways to get there. There is one main road in the village, but the village has many small side streets. If you don’t have a car, you can take a ferry from Varenna. Just remember to bring the correct change if you plan to travel by car. While you’re there, make sure you have a plan B – you never know when the buses will be delayed.

If you’re flying into Milan, you can take the Malpensa Express to Milan, which takes a little over an hour. To get to the lakefront, you can also catch a bus that leaves from the train station, which is located right by the car ferry terminal. Tickets cost approximately 3,70 EUR and leave the train station at the lakeside. You can check the schedule online. Alternatively, you can catch a taxi from the town’s car ferry terminal.


There are many ways to get to Lake Como, Italy, and there are ferries to and from the city of Como. You can use a car, train, or ferry to the Lake and the surrounding towns. The most popular time to visit is spring, when the town awakens from its winter hibernation. Lake Como’s unique microclimate helps grow the gardens of aristocrats and celebrities. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque villages and unique geography as they make their key to the Lake.

The best way to see the many towns and villages on the Lake is by ferry. Some boats stop at all the major cities and towns on Lake dot the Lake, including Como, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta, and Menaggio. The schedule varies, and different ferries will run on certain days. Be sure to check the schedule before you board. Ferry prices differ depending on your destination and the type of boat you choose.

Ferries to Lake Como also provide a convenient and cheap way to traveLakeound the Lake. Public boats, like the Navigazione Laghi, offer convenient routes and prices. Motor ships cover the coast from Como to Colico and a stretch from Lecco to Bellagio. They are a good option for those who are not in a hurry or have a tight schedule. You can find the timetables for summer 2019 here.

If you have never been to the Lake before, it’s worth visiting. Dozens of beautiful villages and towns around the Lake. There are 45 ferry Lakes on the Lake. The price of tickets varies, but they are generally inexpensive. Purchasing your tickets in advance is the best way to ensure you get the perfect ferry tickets. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Earth Trekkers.


While you can take many forms of public transportation from Lake each the Lake and its surrounding towns, trains to Lake Como may be your best option. There are several train stakes on the Lake that serve the area. These are the easiest to reach, but some towns are more accessible than others. You can even take a ferry from a nearby town to the other. Whether traveling by car or train, you’ll want to check out the local bus schedule to see what times are available.

The train stations on the eastern shore of Lake Como are located in Milan Centrale and Milan Cadorna. The train stops in Como city and at Como Nord Lago. There is also an integrated ticket to Como from Milano and Monza. This ticket includes both the train and the ferry to Como. This ticket will allow you to visit Como and its nearby towns. If you plan on staying overnight, you can also get a train to Lecco and Varenna.

If you are traveling by train to Lake Como from Milan, you’ll want to check which trains go to the town of Varenna. You can also take a local train to the Swiss border town of Tirano. This train stops in Switzerland on the way to Como and provides an hourly service. In addition to long-distance services, regional trains run in the region. Depending on your travel plans, you can even take a short trip to the town of Chiasso via train Lake each the Lake.

Depending on the type of vacation you plan, a two-day trip to Lake Como will be sufficient for most itineraries. While some day trips are available from Milan, it’s best to spend a few nights in the Lake Como area. Getting there by train is the quickest way to Lakeisit the Lake, and trains to Lake Como from Milan take just 40 minutes. You cabaret to the Lake in under an hour.


When you are visiting the town of Lake Como, it is a great idea to use a taxi service. While this might not be the cheapest way to get around, it will get you to where you want to go on your own time. Several companies are operating in the area, both private and municipal, that offer English-speaking drivers. In addition, taxis are available at the main public transportation hubs, including Bergamo and Milan airports.

When you fly to Milan Malpensa, you can take a taxi to Lake Como. The trip is 55 minutes, and the taxis are meter-operated, meaning you pay per mile. To make your trip easier, taxis are available in designated taxi ranks on the airport’s ground floor, outside gate 6 in Terminal 1, and gate 4 in Terminal 2.

Another way to get to Lake Como from Milan airport is by train. While the train ride is short, it can take two hours. The most convenient way to get from the airport to Lake Como is by taxi, which costs about 91EUR. A train ride to Lake Como from Milan takes around one hour. It is also cheaper, costing around 9.90EUR. You can also take a bus from the station to Como city center.

Water taxis are another option for Lake Como excursions. These water taxis are typically Venetian-style, which gives them a classic look. Although the boats are small, they can deliver passengerLakeound the Lake. These boats have a more imposing profile, so you can expect them to be faster than the smallest boat. They are an excellent choice for families and small groups. And while a taxi to Lake Como may not be the best option for a family vacation, it is certainly an affordable way to see the sights.