How to judge a fraud test


A place that judges whether it is a scam site or not. Is it really a scam verification site? Due to the increasing number of fraudulent phishing sites, the number of verified sites is also increasing. Unfortunately, in reality, there is no playground verification technology at all, and the places that only check patterns are eat-and-run verification sites, so additional damage from this is also increasing. Now, we have reached a point where verification companies also have to verify, and we would like to briefly share the method. Get the Best information about 먹튀검증순위. To know more about udyamoldisgold click here.

1 . Are you receiving reports directly?

Are you receiving reports directly? It’s important. However, more importantly, I think that it is more important as a person in charge of verification of the eat-and-run to perform secondary verification of both the reported playground and the informant.

In some cases, the informant may be a malicious member trying to harm the Toto site. Or, as a result of in-depth checking of the reported playground, it may appear as a gang of professional eaters linked to multiple eat-and-run sites. Therefore, the news that has been delivered should not be reported as it is, and the secondary eat-and-run verification process must be carried out.

However, most of the eat-and-run verification managers do not look at this. When the informant sends a message, either way, they unconditionally copy and upload the received content, or they are busy copying the content posted on other communities using the program. It can convey misinformation and cloud your judgment.

In order not to cause additional damage to other members, it is meant as a scam verification site when it goes through the verification process properly and guides you accurately. Otherwise, it would be no different from a humor site covered in posts. Therefore, it is important to read the verification posts posted on verification sites and check the quality of verification.

2 . What is the level of the eat-and-run verification technology?

You should be able to view the report with an understanding of the overall customs, including the sanctions normally stipulated by Private Toto. Anyone who sees it should rule out anything that caused a riot due to both sides, balance, leaked picks, and omissions. Our Eat Week goes further, and we make sure to check if there is any problem in the places where the bad or bad member information is listed. The informant always chews the playground, so this is to maintain objectivity.

Relevant information about the reported site is, of course, mandatory to review. In the process of verification, account and domain information, domain change history, actual server IP address beyond the CDN service, other domains attached to it, and other linked Toto sites, etc. There are countless things to check.

If you search like this, you will find information about both offices, and sometimes you will find information about the root of a professional eat-and-run company with dozens of playgrounds. Of course, there are cases where the tail of information is cut off and nothing can be found. Anyway, we think that we need to find these and share them with you in order to truly function as a food-and-run verification site.

3 . Do you have a realistic guarantee system in place?

Many people say that the eat-and-run verification company has received a safety deposit from the guarantee site, up to several thousand or even hundreds of millions of dollars, with these comments, ‘We will take 100% responsibility in the event of an eat-and-run and use the deposit to compensate for the full amount of damage’. However, there will never be a place where hundreds of millions of people have been deposited in the name of an actual deposit.

This is also the case with Korea’s No. 1 eat-and-run verification community. However, it could be said that it was easy to understand like our Eat Week. After thoroughly verifying the safety site in the same way as in No. 2, we receive several months’ worth of advertising costs in advance. The amount received in advance is deducted every month, and when it falls below a certain level, an additional deposit is requested.

In the event of an accident, the pre-advertised advertising cost is used to compensate the member. Whether or not a scam has occurred is judged based on the date the member has, and the code entered at the time of registration is recognized as an accident only when using our guarantee code.

We maintain the level so that it can be resolved as much as possible within the first-in-first-out advertising cost. Although the eat-and-run verification process is of course important, there must also be a guarantee system in place to reduce the risk of fraud.

4 . Concluding the introductory text on the eating and drinking verification

To briefly summarize the above, the higher the content quality, the higher the probability that it is a proper eat-and-run verification site. Careful management of verification posts means that we do not listen to your stories casually, and you can think of it as a place that strives to spread the stories with a higher probability … Please make sure you understand this part and make a good decision, and I hope that you will continue to live in a private playground without Toto eating and eating thoroughly.

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