How to Save a Business in a Dying Industry Crossword Puzzle


Skillfully solving crossword puzzles involves semantic information in clues and orthographic patterns to limit possibilities while providing potential solutions. Experienced solvers use various strategies to quickly and accurately solve puzzles.

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The Challenge

Maintaining a business can be challenging. Even successful enterprises must adjust to shifts in the economy, consumer trends, and other elements that impact sales – something some industries are finding out to their cost. Here are a few examples of businesses that once led their industry but now appear behind.

Many struggling companies have been hit hard by the pandemic, inflation, and supply chain disruptions, as well as an odd labor market. Yet innovative entrepreneurs can draw wisdom from the experiences of these failing businesses to avoid following in their footsteps and follow customer data closely, pay attention to labor trends, and pay close attention to automation trends if applicable.

Crossword puzzle success depends on more than economic forces; its success also relies on engaging and entertaining its audience, which requires creativity and problem-solving skills to do well. If a puzzle doesn’t meet this standard, its success won’t compare favorably with competing publications.

Another challenge lies within crossword editors — most often white males — having cultural blindspots, which lead to offensive mistakes. For instance, in 2018, Shortz ran a puzzle containing the term “beaner”, which can be seen as cruel by Mexican Americans and can sometimes even serve as an insult. While Shortz quickly apologized for this incident, it illustrated how challenging running crossword puzzles is.

The Solution

Crossword puzzle solutions typically take the form of diagrams surrounded by two lists of numbered definitions or hints to narrow search results and save players time.

Answer to the New York Times crossword puzzle “Corner the Market,” meaning to gain exclusive market control and set prices and supply, thus charging higher fees and increasing revenue.

The Final Words

Cornering the market refers to attaining near monopoly status within an industry, giving a company more control over prices and supplies – hence its name! In essence: Corner the Market.

The US economy is one of the world’s most dynamic, with industries emerging and others declining rapidly. 24/7 Wall St. examined employment change data between 2009 and 2018 to identify America’s 25 dying industries; check out their complete list here. Additionally, the LA Times offers daily crossword puzzles for your crossword-solving pleasure!