How to View Memories on Instagram


If you want to share memories on Instagram, you need to keep a few key considerations in mind. First, including hashtags within your memory will ensure people can locate them quickly. The best guide to finding private instagram viewer.

Archiving posts and stories allows you to keep them private while having them available later. To do this, open your profile and tap the clock-like “Archive” icon.

On this day

Instagram recently unveiled a feature called “On This Day,” allowing you to reminisce on past posts and stories by viewing “On This Day.” It can help bring back old memories while sharing photos with friends. Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the bottom center to access it. Scroll to the left until you see “On This Day.”

View your Instagram memories by going to your profile and tapping the clock-like “Archive” icon. From here, you can select posts or stories you want to keep private and edit them by adding filters, editings, top Instagram captions, and stickers – creating Instagram reels is also possible!

If a post that appears in your memories doesn’t meet your approval, you can delete it by tapping the three dots at the top right corner. From there, select “Delete” in the menu that pops up; Instagram will ask for confirmation before taking action to delete your photo or story from the archive.

Instagram has recently introduced an “On this Day” feature and prompt that asks users to share a memory story, similar to Facebook’s ‘On this Day’ prompt, to encourage more engagement on their platform.

To reshare memories, tap the three dots at the top of any memory to open up sharing options. From there, you can share it on your timeline, with groups, or as an Instagram Story; adding custom captions before posting could also help ensure people see it! Alternatively, save memories instead of posting by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile page and choosing “Save.”


Instagram recently unrolled a test feature that allows users to browse memories on Instagram Stories. Essentially, this new archive function works similarly to before; selecting a narrative memory from Instagram’s timeline will display all relevant stories shared during that period; it’s like taking a time machine ride through history!

Instagram Memories can also be accessed by returning to your profile screen and tapping the three-line icon or hamburger menu in the top-right corner. From there, select either Stories Archive or Posts Archive – once established, you can see all your archived posts and Stories and posts you have made from this archive page and choose which photo or video will go into an Instagram story from this page.

Tap the “Share” button in the lower corner to upload memories to your story. Next, decide whether you want it shared with all followers or only close friends; add captions and any personal touches if needed before pressing Share to publish it to your Instagram feed.

If you want to delete a memory from your stories, tapping the “edit” button in the upper right corner can do just that. From there, you can change or remove date/year details and any stickers attached or remove hashtags added by accident.

If you have any queries about Instagram’s Memories feature, feel free to reach out any time; we would be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, look at our FAQs about the Memories feature for further info. Thank you for reading.


Instagram’s Memories feature provides users with an easy way to relive key moments from their digital journey and find content from specific dates. Users can quickly and effortlessly use it, making the memories feature an ideal way to reminisce over their experiences on the platform and connect with their followers.

To view your Instagram memories, open the app and click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner. This option features three horizontal lines stacked atop each other; clicking this will bring up “Stories Archive,” where all of your past Stories from over the past year can be seen and even reshared!

Instagram’s Archiving feature is similar to Snapchat Memories in that users can save videos and photos shared via Snapchat Stories for future reference, but unlike Stories, it remains private, thus providing Instagram users a tool for keeping track of important events and milestones without fear of missing them later.

When creating memories, it is essential to reflect upon the emotions and significance of an experience or event before selecting a caption that captures it. Furthermore, adding relevant hashtags such as #beach or #vacation could increase reach – for instance, if posting about beach vacation plans!

Once you’ve selected a memory, you have two options for sharing it: post it publicly or privately save it. Tag friends or other users to make it more discoverable; additionally, include its location so followers understand its context.

Instagram Memories feature can be an effective marketing strategy for businesses looking to showcase essential experiences or moments on their social media pages and create more consistent brand identities on Instagram profiles. However, to maximize its use effectively, learning how to use this feature to reap all its potential benefits effectively is necessary.


Instagram is testing a new way to encourage users to share memories on the platform. They are trying a “Memory” Story prompt that works similarly to its archive feature but with additional functionality. When activated, it will appear in your feed and display previous stories shared on a particular date you select; once selected, you can post or save them as a private memory.

Once you’ve selected a memory, you can customize it by adding text, freehand drawings, stickers, and effects. Tag friends or other users in your memory so they can view it when posted to Instagram; adding hashtags may make it more discoverable.

Once complete, tap “Share” to share your memory with followers or anyone on Instagram. If desired, delete an individual memory by tapping its three-dot icon and choosing “Delete.”

For easy access, visit your Instagram Profile and click the clock-like Archive icon at the top right corner. From there, scroll through your memories to revisit some of your best moments on the platform – this feature offers a great way to review and relive past posts and stories on Instagram!

If Instagram Memories are giving you difficulty, there may be several causes. First of all, check that the latest version of the Instagram app has been installed; visit your device’s app store and select the update to download it; reboot or reinstall as appropriate to try and fix this problem;

Instagram Memories provides a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the past year and reconnect with loved ones. Additionally, this feature offers insight into which types of content people enjoy seeing on your profile, thus expanding reach while expanding following.

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