Is Clicktrades UAE Scam?


A ClickTrades account holder must deposit funds into their account from a personal bank account. This is necessary as brokers are required to adhere to anti-money laundering laws. If you deposit funds using a credit card or bank transfer, the broker may ask for proof of the funds.


ClickTrades is a market maker that offers managed accounts to its clients. However, it is not regulated, so it cannot ensure client funds’ safety. Moreover, ClickTrades does not offer an Islamic account, which is vital for Muslim traders. In addition, ClickTrades does not disclose their platform’s nature, analytical abilities, or developers’ credentials. This makes ClickTrades an extremely unreliable broker. It is best to avoid using ClickTrades, and instead seek other alternatives.

There have been many reports of people getting cheated by unregulated brokers. In addition, some of these brokers only allow their clients to use their proprietary platforms, which are not regulated. Moreover, investors have reported that they have problems withdrawing their funds. To be safe from this type of trading, you should only use a regulated broker.

High spreads

A ClickTrades review will look at the company’s details and the regulations they follow. It will also look at their trading conditions, and offers to see if they’re trustworthy. A good broker will offer traders lower spreads and commissions and more attractive trading offers.

ClickTrades offers CFD and forex trading services. They have clients in the UAE, Colombia, and Peru. The broker is licensed in Seychelles and is registered with the Financial Services Authority. You can check the broker’s license number on the website. If it doesn’t have a license, you shouldn’t sign up with them.

Lack of educational resources

The Clicktrades website lacks a range of educational resources and trade knowledge assistance. However, these resources are a vital part of any trader’s learning process. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, you need to understand market dynamics, trading techniques, and other important information before making a sound investment decision. Clicktrades provides essential research tools like an economic calendar, but you should have access to more comprehensive tools to be successful.

Lack of analytics

A reputable broker will be willing to display the analytics their clients can use to make informed decisions on their trading accounts. Clicktrades is no different. They want to be able to draw attention to their services and their great opportunities in the market. While this isn’t a scam, it gives Clicktrades a lousy market reputation.

The quality of analytics and the security of a brokerage company are critical to the success of a successful online trading business. In a Clicktrades scam, this information is often not available. Traders should follow the news about Clicktrades. This will allow them to make informed decisions and avoid being scammed.

Lack of market research

Clicktrades is an honest broker and doesn’t exhibit any scam-like properties. Their trading services are reliable, and many users have a positive experience. While they could continuously improve their services and offer more features, Clicktrades is still a decent broker.