JBS Foods: Exclusive and Mightiest



JBS Foods is an international food processing unit established in 1953. JBS food processing concept was conceived first in Brazil from a small family-owned farmhouse and turned into a world-leading manufacturer and producer of meats and proteins.


The company is a world leader in processed food markets, especially for Beef and Pork in the USA and Beef in Canada. JBS SA is the world leader in the animal protein market has its prime subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


The company has over 300 production units globally and is a proud employer of more than 240000 employees and team members. The headquarters of JBS food is in Colorado. It processes beef, pork, and poultry products by preparing, processing, packaging, further re-processing the products.


Famous manufacturing units of JBS Food


JBS Foods presented the company in a newer light in the Gulfood 2020, the largest annual food and beverage fair worldwide. JBS foods Seara presented their plans to launch Incredible Range based on plants for their products.


JBS food’s newest introduced range has taken the market by surprise with their 100% plant-based products. These products claimed to be trans-fat free and enriched with iron, vitamin B12, fibre-rich, lactose, egg, and milk-free foods. The company is moving into a more sustainable and eco-friendly Company.


JBS Food Seara

They are soon going to introduce the new segment following sustainability, with plant-based animal protein products. Biomolecule I brand is supposed to be an innovative product range.


The range offers plant-based animal proteins having the taste, flavours, and textures similar to the natural animal proteins such as burgers (chicken and beef), kibbeh, oriental meat, and breaded products.


Here is a list of what Seara Brazil has to offer:

  1. Seara Gourmet Incredible Burger
  2. Seara Professional
  3. Breaded Chicken breasts and fillets
  4. Raw & Natural Chicken Breasts
  5. Burger beef and chicken burgers
  6. Marinated breast
  7. Ingredients shredded cooked chicken and shredded beef.



JBS foods the USA have four segments of its products. With its international presence, the company has branched into various fields.


Following are the four segments:

  1. Beef: These are the beef brands that JBS foods produce:
  2. 5 Star Beef
  3. 5 Star Reserve Beef
  4. Aspen Ridge Natural Beef
  5. Swift Black Natural Beef
  6. Showcase Premium Ground Beef
  7. Clear River Farms Beef
  8. Pork
  9. Poultry
  10. Other


JBS Foods Canada

JBS Food Canada is known for the quality they produce and process in its production unit. JBS Food Canada focuses on its integrity for customers. JBS ensures the sustainability of the animal protein market is their priority. Various products available under the JBS Canada group are:

  1. JBS Diamond Beef
  2. Canadian Diamond Black Angus
  3. Certified Angus Beef
  4. Northern Gold Premium Canadian Beef
  5. Spring Creek Beef
  6. Clear River Farms
  7. Ground Beef
  8. Four-Star Beef



All around the world, JBS Food is renowned for its diverse array of products worldwide. Their innovative products such as Friboi, Moy Pork, Pride, Primo, Golden Pump are revolutionary and from some of their well-known products.

The company’s massive presence in over 190 countries with an army of around 230,000 employees serves about a whopping 300,000 customers. The manufacturing units present on the seven continents. The sustainable approach the company is striving for has turned a new leaf for the country. The diversified product line-up also promises to provide premium food and quality and safety.


When was JBS formed?

In 1953 in Brazil.

How many countries JBS serves?

More than 190 countries.

Where is the JBS headquarters?

The Headquarters of JBS foods are in Colorado.