Just Fashion Now Reviews


Just Fashion Now provides trendy styles at designer boutique quality, making it an excellent place for women’s clothing and accessories shopping.

The website features everything from dresses to tops, outerwear, lingerie, and accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry.

This site requires a minimum order of $99. Shipping is free to all locations and offers a 15-day return window.

Poor Quality Complaints

Just Fashion Now is a Chinese online store specializing in selling new and trendy clothing styles at discounted rates and accessories at even lower costs. Additionally, Just Fashion Now claims they work closely with international designers to offer collections with creative flair and high craftsmanship.

However, many customers have reported receiving subpar items and delayed delivery. At the same time, some of their complaints could result from poor shipments or other factors like customer service problems.

Just Fashion Now has also received criticism for not providing customers with an easy experience when returning and refunding an item, such as paying an expensive return shipping fee or showing proof that their thing was of poor quality before receiving their refund. Many customers do not appreciate this process and find this practice inconvenient.

Just Fashion Now does not always carry the latest styles; some clothing available online is older – this can be very discouraging to customers looking to get in on the newest trends.

Other online retailers provide similar products as Just Fashion Now, such as Loading, which carries an expansive selection of Korean clothing and beauty items, or Chinabrands, which specializes in brand-name apparel from various Chinese manufacturers.

YesStyle and Gooding are among many other online stores offering fashionable items at competitive rates, boasting many happy customers across 90+ countries.

Are you wondering if Just Fashion Now is trustworthy, reliable, and safe to shop with? In this review of Just Fashion Now, we closely examine these questions to give an accurate assessment.

Returns and Refunds

An official online fashion store should allow customers to quickly return orders if they are unsatisfied with either products or services provided while offering superior customer support that quickly addresses inquiries.

Customers of JustFashionNow have reported that it fails in both areas: quality clothing and refund requests have been lodged as complaints; others have complained of difficulty reaching customer support staff, whom many find either slow in responding or simply unhelpful.

JustFashionNow requires customers to create an account to make purchases; this may be cumbersome and cumbersome for shoppers who wish to visit other online shopping websites without creating accounts with each one individually. An ideal solution would be for JustFashionNow to allow Guest checkouts that do not necessitate creating a budget beforehand.

JustFashionNow provides free shipping on orders of specific amounts, allowing shoppers to save on online fashion purchases. However, most shoppers would instead shop at stores that do not impose minimum order requirements.

The website doesn’t offer live chat support but provides email and telephone numbers for those needing assistance with orders or inquiries. Email offers shoppers an efficient means of contacting customer service representatives when there are concerns with demands or other aspects of the company.

JustFashionNow’s return policy can be difficult for customers. Although they allow returns, this process is often challenging due to having an office in China where all returns must be shipped back; high return shipping costs may become expensive for some customers, and getting your refund once JustFashionNow receives them can take time.

JustFashionNow may not be the most reputable online fashion store; their 95% customer satisfaction claims appear unlikely, given numerous consumer reviews highlighting poor quality merchandise and difficulty returning items for refund or exchange.

Order Modification and Cancellation

If you shop online for fashion pieces, the ideal store should quickly process returns and refunds and allow changes before shipping. Unfortunately, Just Fashion Now does neither of these things, and many customers have complained about this issue in their Just Fashion Now reviews.

Most online stores will allow shoppers to browse fashion listings without creating an account; however, you must register or create one with that store to purchase any items. Some customers might prefer shopping as guests, while others find creating accounts every time they make a purchase more cumbersome and time-consuming than shopping directly from one of these retailers.

Additionally, certain fashion items, such as earrings, lingerie, and swimwear, do not qualify for returns if your mind changes or it does not fit properly.

Unfortunately, this situation is unfortunate as these items are beautiful and of excellent quality. They claim that top designers and manufacturers are working for them to ensure high craftsmanship and quality.

This company promises trendy fashion styles without boutique prices, yet its website contains several grammatical errors and other red flags which suggest it might not be as legitimate as advertised. Furthermore, some inventory images were pulled directly from various online retailers for verification.

Just Fashion Now has an impressive timeline for processing and shipping orders. However, some customers have reported inaccurate delivery dates, which create an immense inconvenience when needed for special events or occasions.

Just Fashion Now offers outstanding customer support via an exhaustive FAQs page organized by topic to make finding answers easier for shoppers. Furthermore, they have direct communication channels such as email.

Late Delivery

Just Fashion Now is an online fashion store that promises “designer boutique quality” at meager prices. Their inventory features clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories explicitly tailored towards men and women – while frequent promotions draw shoppers further in.

While Just Fashion Now may offer attractive pricing, many customers have reported poor quality and late deliveries. Other issues have been returning and refund policies, order modification/cancellation issues, and customer support problems; such complaints have led some people to label Just Fashion Now as a scam.

One of the critical characteristics to look for when searching online stores is security measures. They should protect both personal and credit card data provided by customers to prevent unauthorized access, which Just Fashion Now says they do using SSL technology and secure connections. Some shoppers feel these security measures don’t go far enough in providing assurance.

Your online store should offer various return/refund mechanisms that are timely, particularly if a product turns out to be of subpar quality. In addition, multiple payment options should be available so customers can select their ideal method – Just Fashion Now offers payments via PayPal, major credit cards, and wire transfers for orders.

Customers should easily be able to contact customer support representatives via an online store’s customer support department and self-help resources such as a FAQ page and knowledge base articles. Just Fashion Now’s comprehensive FAQ page covers topics like Account, Products, Shipping & Handling, Coupons/Discounts/Returns & Refunds, etc.

Just Fashion Now’s website also provides a contact us section, listing email and phone numbers as communication channels. While these methods of contact are practical, providing customers with live chat would make life much more straightforward as issues could be quickly resolved without waiting for support representatives to reply back to them.