Marion County School Calendar 2023-2024


The 2023-24 school year will start on August 9. Click here for the Montgomery County Public School System calendar.

As you prepare for the new school year, there are a few points to keep in mind when planning. One primary consideration is April 8’s solar eclipse, which requires schools to hold either virtual synchronous classes or no school day activities on that date.

Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is a system by which an educational institution defines its milestone dates, providing critical information that helps students and families plan their year. This calendar shows when tuition payments are due as well as when financial aid applications must be submitted; class breaks like holidays and graduation ceremonies may also be included on it. Academic calendars are essential tools for any school.

Marion County School is a public school district serving children from preschool through grade 12. Offering programs and services such as counseling, academic planning career guidance, and special education services; clubs and extracurricular activities also help keep students active outside of classroom learning environments.

This year, the school will implement its hybrid calendar once more – an effective program that reduces summer vacation while adding two-week rejuvenation breaks in fall, winter, and spring – proving popular among both parents and teachers. According to Inman, other districts regularly call him to inquire about switching.

Indiana schools must provide 180 instructional days for their students each school year. This amount is consistent with other states and ensures they receive enough instruction to learn all necessary material. Three forms of instructional days count toward this requirement: in-person, virtual asynchronous, and virtual synchronous.

Marion County School District has approved a hybrid calendar for the 2023-2024 academic year that will cut summer break length while adding a whole week of Thanksgiving vacation. Additionally, this new schedule features half-day/early release days at the conclusion of each trimester, as well as two additional teacher workdays.

The first day of school can vary between mid and late August depending on your school district and academic calendar; however, in Marion County School district, the initial day will take place on Friday, 10th August 2023.


Marion County School’s students can look forward to an engaging learning experience this summer as they delve into various subjects. With its extensive academic programs encompassing science, technology, engineering, and math as well as extracurricular activities that keep them engaged and challenged, not to mention its wealth of support services for both students and parents – Marion County schools promise students will have plenty of exciting educational experiences this summer!

Marion School System will continue using its hybrid calendar in 2023-2024, which reduces summer vacation while giving teachers two-week rejuvenation breaks every nine weeks of the year. This schedule has proven popular with both staff and students; Inman regularly receives phone calls from administrators from other districts seeking information about it.

On April 8, 2024, the school system will adjust its calendar to take advantage of a total solar eclipse visible across Indiana. Schools within its path of totality – wherein sun shadow will completely cover Indianapolis – will experience complete darkness on that day, and many districts may opt to cancel classes altogether on that date.

At its meeting on February 6th, the board will vote to approve its official school calendar, known as Draft E. This proposed schedule features essential dates such as start/end times for school days, holidays, teacher workdays, and early release days for professional development on Wednesdays – however, this proposal has drawn some criticism for beginning winter break on December 20th and adding 32 one-hour early release days on Wednesdays; further changes may be made before it formally gets approval by the board; currently there are 174 instructional days planned in 2017.

Orientation Dates & Times

The Orientation program assists new students in creating relationships, developing class pride, and building the basis for academic success. The requirement to attend all Orientation sessions – except when excused due to athletic practice/game conflicts – remains mandatory for all freshmen and transfers entering the university for winter term admission or April for spring summer fall term admissions; students will select their virtual academic advising and on-campus experience dates as part of this registration process.

Most districts typically begin the school year during the last week of July or the first week of August, with various breaks scattered throughout the year, some planned while others are unplanned; for instance, 2024 will bring a two-week winter vacation to schools!

Indiana schools must provide 180 days of instruction each school year – comparable to most states – not including summer and holiday breaks, although other types of instructional days, such as in-person, virtual synchronous, and virtual asynchronous days, may count toward this requirement. Furthermore, schools may consider professional development training instructional time.

Marion County Schools offers an array of academic programs and extracurricular activities. Their distinguished academic achievement has garnered them numerous awards and recognitions; additionally, their robust community outreach program supports both students and families in need.

Marion County School District will continue its innovative hybrid calendar in 2023-2024, which features shorter summer vacation time and two-week refresher breaks every nine weeks. Since its implementation during the 2021-22 school year, this method has proved popular among students and staff members alike.

The school district’s faculty consists of not only full-time educators but also an active community of educators who take part in a range of volunteer activities. Teachers mentor student interns as well as serve on district committees – making this school one of the premier public institutions nationwide.

Mobile App

Marion County School District offers academic programs for preschool through grade 12 students that align with Florida standards – which outline rigorous academic expectations – while also offering extracurricular activities and support services such as counseling, academic planning, special education programs, English Language Learner services and English as a Foreign Language programs.

School district uses a mobile app to keep students, parents and teachers updated about events and news at their schools. The user-friendly application allows users to see all upcoming events at one glance; students can check class schedules for assignments; absent teachers will even be alerted via this tool! It is available both for iOS and Android devices.

Marion County Public Schools will continue its innovative “hybrid” calendar in 2023-24 after it was approved at its November meeting by its school board. This schedule reduces summer vacation while providing two-week rejuvenation breaks every nine weeks of instruction – something which has been well received by students, staff, and families alike.

Though hybrid calendars offer many advantages, there can be drawbacks as well; one such disadvantage is that some districts must hold classes on April 8, 2024, during an eclipse as Indiana falls in its path of totality, whereby the moon passes directly between Earth and sun obscuring all sunlight. Some districts have decided to adjust their school-year calendars accordingly by holding virtual learning days or even canceling classes altogether for this event.

Following an hour and a half of discussion, the school board sent its calendar back to a committee and requested new options be presented next week before making its decision on Feb. 6. Some of these new proposals address concerns over having winter break begin on Dec. 20, as well as having 32 one-hour early release days for professional development all on Wednesdays; both changes had caused parents and educators to worry that these would disrupt children’s school years.