Organizing a celebration on a boat in Barcelona


When it comes to where to celebrate a wedding, the answer is obvious for many people – in a restaurant or cafe. But this option doesn’t suit everyone. Many couples want to spend their special day in a romantic location, and that could be a boat. Renting a boat for a wedding is an excellent service offered by Barcelona Boat Rental, especially if you plan to have many guests. You can embark on your journey right after the wedding ceremony or create a new beautiful family. In addition, outdoor wedding ceremonies are trendy these days.

Celebrating a wedding on a luxurious boat has its peculiarities. Clients can access different rooms and spaces, and tables are set in the salon or on the deck. Often, a dance floor is set up on the deck, and you can also admire stunning scenery from the open terrace. Boat rental is available hourly or daily, and the crew or an outside catering company provides catering services.

As for decoration, a wedding on a boat is already unique, as the ship provides excellent decoration for the event. Often, the space is decorated with fabrics, flowers, balloons, and ribbons. But this is a matter of taste since modern boats are already well thought out and have a harmonious interior. When choosing a specific ship, be sure to check its capacity. For example, if your party is small, a boat that can hold up to 20 people may be suitable. A small reserve of seats is needed to organize a dance floor and provide space for a DJ and equipment. Make sure to leave room for entertainment activities.

Be sure to inform all your planned guests about the event, letting them know the main features of the celebration. Remind them not to be late, as the boat will not set sail until all the guests have arrived, and you may have to pay extra for idle time.

We wish you a beautiful celebration!

Celebrating a wedding on a beautiful yacht

A wedding is a beautiful and solemn event in everyone’s life. For it to be remembered forever, it is necessary to plan the program of such a celebration carefully. Nowadays, celebrating a wedding on a beautiful yacht is becoming increasingly popular. Such a celebration is very different from the boring banquets in cultural establishments. After all, on a boat, both the newlyweds and the people who come to share their celebration and joy can enjoy beautiful picturesque views, clean and fresh sea air, a pleasant atmosphere of travel, and get the most unforgettable impressions.

Decorating your yacht is something you need to take care of. A good option could be bright air balloons, oversized bows, and colorful ribbons. As an original addition, use fresh flowers presented in rather original compositions. Compiling a menu is no less important stage of organizing your wedding. You will be offered different dishes, snacks, and drinks on board. Serving services include all necessary cutlery and cleaning the premises after the banquet. When an active entertainment program is planned for the wedding, you can organize a so-called buffet instead of sitting at the table.

Of course, no wedding can be without a DJ. The DJ entertains the guests, organizes exciting contests, and provides a dance and music program. If we talk about choosing music, you can alternate the sound of a live orchestra with an ensemble of recordings. In this way, you can give great pleasure to all the guests. Think about possible stops, as moving forward will always be tiresome. Allow your guests to rest at the highest level.

In addition, a wedding on board a luxury yacht will allow you to take magnificent photos and videos against the background of the blue sea surface and the fleeting beautiful shores. Despite some difficulties, a wedding on a boat will be glorious. You can arrange some themed celebrations with the main attributes of sea romance. Do not be afraid to try something new, attractive, bright, and unusual.

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