Sail and Motor Yacht Charters in Malta


Malta’s rugged coast, historic ports, and vibrant cafe culture make it an ideal luxury yacht charter destination. Sailboat and motorboat rentals are available to explore the Three Cities or Comino/Gozo Islands. Discover the best info about renting a boat in Malta.

Experience Malta sailing during June to September’s high season by chartering one of Sailo’s professionally captained boats or renting one yourself (boating license required).

Visit Valletta

One of the best ways to experience Malta is on a yacht charter. Whether you’re visiting Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, daily or exploring Ghar Dalam Caves, taking to the water is one of the best ways to see this Mediterranean island. At Sailo, we have sailing yachts and catamarans available for rent in Malta, which is perfect for all sorts of trips!

The cost of renting a boat in Malta varies based on the vessel type and duration of your journey. Our platform provides boats to suit every budget, with prices clearly displayed to help you select your dream vessel for your vacation. In addition, extras such as an onboard skipper, end cleaning services, transfers, security deposit insurance, and hostess or chef services can also be added to bookings for added peace of mind.

Once your trip is booked, our experienced skippers will serve as your guides around Malta’s shimmering azure waters. They’ll show you all of Malta’s top attractions – such as Valletta (a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring stunning Baroque masterpieces such as St John’s Co-Cathedral and Grand Master’s Palace) – plus lesser-known spots such as Spinola Bay or Marsaxlokk.

Explore Ghar Dalam Caves

Ghar Dalam, or Birzebbuga’s Cave of Darkness, is a vital limestone cave on Malta’s northeastern edge that serves as one of its most significant monuments. It contains fossils dating back over 7,400 years and is one of only two locations where Pleistocene Ice Age remains can be seen uninterrupted on an ongoing basis. Ghar Dalam boasts one of Malta’s premier tourist sites.

The cave is an outstanding natural wonder and well worth visiting, featuring an excellent museum that highlights its palaeontological findings, such as bone remains from dwarf elephants, hippopotamuses, micro-mammals, and birds – with particular interest being drawn by giant deer that became extinct over 180,000 years ago as well as pelvic bones and molars belonging to dwarf hippopotamus species.

Other artifacts found at this site include pottery, and the uppermost layer of sedimentary deposits contains remains from Early Man – one of the earliest signs of permanent occupation in Malta. Furthermore, the Armadillidum ghardalamensis cave woodlouse inhabiting this cave site lacks a sense of sight and navigates through tangled rocks without seeing.

For those wishing to explore a cave but lacking time for full-day tours, there are numerous half-day boat excursions run by local companies that are explicitly tailored toward you and your interests. A skipper will adapt the sailing route and itinerary accordingly.

Visit Mdina

Malta is an archipelago with wide-ranging attractions. It boasts world-class scuba diving, delicious farm-to-table cuisine, stunning limestone cliffs, and refreshing natural swimming pools. Its distinct culture combines Italian, British, and Arabic influences for a distinctive vibe that cannot be found elsewhere on Earth.

Sailo offers sailing charters in Malta that give visitors an incredible opportunity to discover some of its most breathtaking beaches, caves, and islands. We have a wide range of yachts available, so you can select one that meets your individual needs and take it to Malta at your own pace. Plus, many include an option to sail with a skipper for an enjoyable sailing experience!

St Peter’s Pool offers the perfect way to experience its captivating waters. Here, you can see a beautiful contrast between its clear blue water and white sandy beach – creating a picture-perfect scene. Though St Peter’s Pool may be located within a rocky inlet, our skippers can anchor safely close by so that you can swim out into it and experience this charming bay.

Visit Gozo

Malta’s idyllic waters and beaches make it ideal for sailing enthusiasts of any skill level to set sail, from experienced yachtsmen to those just wanting an enjoyable sailing trip. Click&amp Boat makes finding the perfect boat rental easier with options based on boat type, price range, and number of guests. You can even add on extra services such as skipper or crew hire (payable as extra). Make your sailing adventure even more enjoyable!

One of the highlights of any yacht trip to Malta is visiting Gozo, Malta’s sister island. With scenic landscapes and clear waters, Gozo is an enthralling destination filled with things to see and do.

Sailing around Gozo can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, or you can add adventure with rock climbing, abseiling, or exploring one of its incredible caves. Since this island hosts numerous excellent eateries, there are also plenty of dining opportunities.

Gozo offers some incredible snorkeling spots with its turquoise waters and coral reefs. There are several well-known underwater locations near its coast, such as the Inland Sea and Cathedral Cave, and a yacht charter is the best way to discover these beautiful sites.