Sharp Microwave Drawer Reviews


If you’re considering buying a new microwave drawer, you might wonder which model will work the best for your kitchen. There are many models on the market, but which is the best? There are several factors to consider when making your choice. First, make sure you have plenty of space in the drawer. If the drawer is small, it may take longer to cook food. Moreover, the microwave may get too hot.


A microwavable drawer is a great appliance to add to your kitchen. Sharp pioneered this type of microwave by coming up with the world’s first Microwave Drawer Oven. It revolutionized kitchen design and placement, and now Sharp has introduced the next generation of this device. This new KB-6525P Series Microwave Drawer Oven fits in the same space as other Sharp 30-inch models but boasts a larger 1.2-cubic-foot interior. Moreover, it is tall enough to fit a 20-ounce cup.

Microwave Drawer parts include a control panel, drawer light, vent, and waveguide cover. These parts are important for the proper functioning of the Microwave Drawer. Also, the nameplate indicates the model number. For this reason, you must read the nameplate carefully to know exactly what parts of the Microwave Drawer you are buying.

Another great feature of this Microwave Drawer Oven is the hidden control panel. This panel opens at a 45-degree angle, making it convenient to operate. The panel also has angled touch controls, which make them easy to use and read. In addition, the Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven has a patented Warm function, which radiates low-energy heat to keep your food warm.

The Sharp KB6002LS Microwave Drawers are designed to fit in the cabinetry in your kitchen. The microwave features a 1.2 cubic-foot interior space and can be installed into any kitchen cabinetry. It also comes with all the hardware you need to install it. A good Microwave Drawer is an essential part of a kitchen.

The Sharp KB-6002LW Microwave Drawer features an angled touch control panel that allows you to operate the microwave without getting up from your counter. It also has a large viewing window and a convenient handle to lift the food. The Microwave Drawer is designed for use in any kitchen and can be installed into any oven brand.

Another microwave drawer from Sharp is the SMD2470AS. This microwave drawer allows you to open and close it with a gentle touch. The gliding action in the drawer is convenient, and the microwave’s slender design makes it easy to clean. Moreover, the SMD2470AH microwave can be installed below your wall oven. The display is easy to read, and you can find many settings for different cooking requirements.


If you’re in the market for a new Microwave Drawer, the Sharp KB6524PS series is a smart choice. It features an enhanced cavity that is 1.2 cubic feet larger than the previous model. This means that your microwave can comfortably hold up to twenty cups. Its new design also includes an open towel bar handle and concealed louvers. Its exterior dimensions remain unchanged. It also comes with an Easy Open system and an Auto-Touch(tm) control panel that makes the drawer snap.

The Microwave Drawer is equipped with 11 easy sensor settings. You can lock the control panel or the automatic door mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. It also features front-mounted angled touch controls. It’s a great addition to any kitchen. You can use it to prepare your favorite dishes, as well as to store leftovers.