Siemens Atellica Solution – Flexible, Scalable and Automation-Ready Immunoassay and Chemistry Analyzers


Siemens Healthineers showcased the Atellica Solution at AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo – flexible, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and chemistry analyzers designed to be flexible, scalable, and automation-ready – complete with sample management components intended to help solve lab operations challenges such as STAT prioritization and workflow constraints. This system has received approval for use from the US Food & Drug Administration 510(k). What do you consider about نماینده زیمنس.

Simplified reporting, guided workflows in a new user interface, and intelligent sample aspiration that speeds throughput are vital features that enable predictable turnaround times and increased throughput rates. They have been informed by direct customer feedback and extensive testing.

What is Atellica?

Engineered to deliver control and simplicity so you can focus on driving outcomes, these solutions were built for maximum ease of use.

The FDA-cleared Atellica CI analyzer1 for immunoassay and clinical chemistry testing offers lab professionals unrivaled flexibility when meeting testing needs, space constraints, or staffing challenges with bi-directional magnetic sample transport technology, advanced vision systems and intelligent sample routing features, such as intelligent routing, to reduce hands-on time by up to 30% while increasing productivity in lab environments.

Atellica Magline transports samples ten times faster than conventional conveyors and automates quality control and calibration to free up laboratory personnel to focus their efforts elsewhere in the lab. A vision system recognizes each tube of blood that enters, automatically sending it to its respective analyzer for testing with minimum rework, waste, or errors; additionally, it prioritizes STAT samples for quicker turnaround time.

Siemens Healthineers introduced an all-inclusive suite of informatics software that allows laboratory professionals to manage their testing program from a central point of control. The RAPIDComm Data Management System, POCcelerator Software to connect point-of-care (POCT) devices from different manufacturers, and UniPOC software all facilitate an efficient workflow to provide patients with optimal care.

Siemens Healthineers, a separately managed healthcare business of Siemens AG, recently unveiled Atellica Solution: flexible, scalable, and automation-ready immunoassay and chemistry analyzers featuring patent magnetic sample transport technology with proven detection technologies – at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, California.

Atellica CI 1900

The Atellica CI 1900 immunoassay and chemistry system is specifically tailored for smaller laboratories, featuring the same technology, testing menu, and intelligent software as Siemens Healthineers’ flagship Atellica Solution in a compact 1.9m2 footprint. Labs can customize this instrument based on their needs through flexible configuration of assays and sample management components, as well as separate immunoassay engines running to minimize downtime while increasing throughput.

This analyzer features a unique wash ring that offers customized washes to achieve superior low-end sensitivity and specificity, as well as providing comprehensive cardiac panels such as NT-proBNP, ionized calcium, creatinine, and creatinine levels; a hs-cTnI assay validated in the APACE, High-STEACS, and HIGH-US cohorts; as well as anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) assessment as part of reproductive endocrinology menu offerings.

Atellica chemistry and immunoassay systems offer flexibility and automation-ready capabilities, making them the ideal platform for reference laboratories and mid-to-large healthcare facilities. Utilizing its patented bidirectional magnetic sample-transport technology, users can create over 300 customized physical configurations tailored specifically to testing space needs and testing preferences. With intelligent consolidation of assays with chemistry/immunoassay technologies reducing turnaround times, send-outs, and peak loads in central laboratories, as well as reallocating experienced staff elsewhere, these scalable workflow systems allow reference labs and healthcare facilities alike.

Atellica CI 1800

Designed to assist labs of all sizes with quickly and accurately producing results, the Atellica CI 1800 allows labs of any size to deliver fast and accurate assay results in under 14 minutes, helping address clinical priorities while alleviating staffing challenges and providing speedier patient care.

The Atellica CI 1800 provides an extensive immunoassay and clinical chemistry menu with increased sensitivity, consistency, and precision for a vast array of disease state panels as well as cardiac panel measurements, including BNP/NT-proBNP assays. With secure remote access through Connectivity Manager to monitor and support instruments using Smart Remote Services to increase system uptime while decreasing hands-on time, users are sure to maximize system uptime while reducing hands-on time.

Consistency of measurements is of utmost importance when it comes to laboratory quality; this is particularly crucial when testing for serum estradiol (E2), which may be used for diagnosing or monitoring different conditions in both women and men.

In this study, the Siemens enhanced E2 assay on Atellica IM 1600 was evaluated against that performed on ADVIA Centaur XP analyzer and found to produce imprecision between run and between run of 20% across all concentrations, and 43 pmol/L for lowest concentration, suggesting good linearity of measurement.

Atellica Hematology Systems — HEMA 570/580 and HEMA 520/580 — are high-volume analyzers designed for full automation with advanced informatics and automation solutions, offering comprehensive 8-part white blood cell differential and optical platelet/reticulocyte testing capabilities.

Atellica CI 1400

The Atellica CI 1400, introduced in 2022, is explicitly designed to meet the needs of lower-volume laboratories specializing in hematology and clinical chemistry testing. This cost-effective instrument adds another option to complement Atellica Solution instruments; labs may use a hub-and-spoke approach, with more extensive central labs using high-volume Atellica Solution instruments, while smaller laboratories utilize the new CI 1400 instrument.

The CI 1400 utilizes both chemistry and immunoassay engines to deliver results within 14 minutes without manual sample preparation, which eliminates one of the critical bottlenecks of laboratory operations and increases overall test throughput. Furthermore, smart automation features intelligent sample handling and reagent management, as well as user authentication, role-based authorizations, and audit trails for patient privacy protection.

Siemens Healthineers Diagnostics head Sharon Bracken noted that labs must use cutting-edge technology to address today’s many challenges, which includes anticipating workflow bottlenecks and mitigating them. She pointed out that Atellica CI Analyzer helps labs meet these obstacles by offering an efficient yet flexible platform that improves lab performance.

Siemens Healthineers is an international healthcare company with a strong presence in diagnostics, imaging, therapy, and digitalization. Their products, services, and solutions help improve patients’ quality of life through better disease diagnosis, targeted treatments, and more effective monitoring. They are headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, and have operations worldwide.

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