Soft4FX Review – How to Trade on Multiple Charts and Time Frames at Once


Having used Soft4fx since its release, I’ve learned a lot about this software. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to trade on multiple charts and time frames at once. It also lets you upload data from third parties. You can even get custom indicators for MT5.

Multiple charts and time frames at once

Using multiple charts and time frames at once can be a great way to compare price action and identify reversals. This technique can also increase your odds of winning trades.

Multi-time frame analysis is a useful technique to identify price trends, reversals, and key technical levels. Traders can apply this method to any security. It is also useful for traders who want to identify macro-trends. In addition to lowering your risk, it can also help you to identify the right entry points for your trades.

You can set up multiple charts and time frames at once in your charting application. You can either select a one-time frame and use that as your primary chart, or you can set up a series of time frames that will help you to identify key levels and trends.

For example, you can create a chart that shows five-minute bars and a chart that shows a one-year chart. The two charts will look different in a number of ways. The five-minute chart will create a new price bar every five minutes. However, the one-year chart will show you a series of candles aggregated on a daily basis.

Custom indicators for MT5

Despite its name, Soft4FX Forex Simulator is a standalone program, not an EA or plug-in. It can be used to backtest any CFD but is not restricted to a specific broker.

The aforementioned software also possesses several other features including an economic calendar, a news ticker, and a charting system. The software is also compatible with any MT4 broker, and it allows for manual as well as automatic backtesting. It also allows for placing pending orders and setting stop losses. In addition, the software also allows for the creation of custom scripts. Despite its fanciful name, the software is actually quite practical.

The aforementioned software is a worthy contender for the title of best backtesting tool. It is also worth mentioning that the software was created by a company whose name is synonymous with quality, MQL programming. In addition, it boasts a badge of honor, albeit a small one, and a snazzy interface. In short, it is a must-have for any trader.

2-week money-back guarantee

Using Soft4FX is a great way to test your trading strategy faster than you would in the real market. You can try out a theory or strategy and then return to it at any time. You can also save your simulations on your EA. Whether you are testing for risk management or trading strategies, Soft4FX is an inexpensive way to test your trading strategy.

Soft4FX works on the IG mt4 platform and supports all IG markets. It supports 60 major and minor forex pairs, including ETHUSD. You can import historical data for free. You also have the ability to control the speed of your simulations. You can save your simulations on your EA and load them in the future. Soft4FX can be found in the Expert Advisors tab in the Navigator.

Soft4FX has a 2-week money-back guarantee. You can purchase a license for $109 and try out the software for a month. You can also buy the software as a lifetime license for $99. Soft4FX uses MetaTrader 4 for its key functionalities. It supports 60 major and minor forex pairs, as well as BTCUSD and ETHUSD.