Superdry Jacket Review


If you are looking for an excellent jacket for the cold winter months, you have come to the right place. Superdry has a variety of jackets to suit every need. With their latest collection online, you can easily shop for a jacket. Whether you are looking for a waterproof jacket or a windproof one, you will be able to find what you need.


A Superdry jacket is a must-have for the new season. This famous brand has many styles in the latest season’s colours and styles. Whether shopping online or in your local stores, you can find the perfect jacket to match your style. For more information about Superdry jackets, visit the company’s official website or Lyst.


If you’re a fan of Superdry’s outerwear, you’ll love their new padded-down jacket. This jacket is filled with a down-feather blend and keeps you warm without sacrificing functionality. Even better, the down that goes into the jacket is completely recycled. The down-in-one jacket contains up to 30 recycled bottles. Choosing this jacket is the perfect way to keep warm in all four seasons!

While Superdry’s jackets are known for their stylish looks, they’re not always the warmest. For example, the Ultimate Radar Quilt Puffer Jacket can keep you warm up to -5 degrees Celsius. You can layer a sweater or shirt underneath it for more incredible warmth.

Price comparison

Superdry is a cult fashion brand that offers a variety of trendy jackets that are available in a variety of colours and styles. Its collections include the latest styles and colours for this season. You can find a wide selection of Superdry jackets on and other online stores.

The jackets are made of a blend of down and synthetic fibres. This combination helps retain heat and is cheaper than down. Down filling is the warmest material, but synthetic fibres are equally warm. Some models of Superdry jackets are lined with polyester to provide additional warmth and improve heat retention.

Recycled polyester

Made from recycled polyester, the Superdry Jacket is environmentally friendly. Recycled polyester is known for its lower carbon footprint than its virgin counterpart. The jacket features a removable faux fur trim and button and zip fastenings. It also contains up to ten recycled bottles in its padding.

The brand is committed to environmental responsibility, and its ethical puffer range demonstrates this without compromising quality or style. The streetwear brand is known for its fusion of Japanese graphics and contemporary style and is committed to being sustainable. This commitment to sustainability led the brand to switch to 100 per cent recycled polyester filling for all of its padded jackets.

The company takes extensive measures to protect biodiversity, reduce its consumption of natural resources, and combat climate change. It scrutinizes all aspects of its value chain. It uses recycled polyester, regenerated nylon, and cotton to reduce its carbon footprint. Despite this commitment, it uses synthetic petroleum-based fibres, including nylon and cotton.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a Superdry jacket is its durability. These jackets are made to be very sturdy and long-lasting. In addition, they are made with breathable lining to prevent the jacket from absorbing moisture from the air. These factors make these jackets perfect for light coastal or harbour use.

While Superdry jackets are popular due to their unique styles, they may not be the warmest ones. Typically, you can wear the Superdry Ultimate Radar Quilt Puffer Jacket in temperatures as low as -5degC when paired with a shirt, but in a more severe climate, you’ll need to consider adding layers.