Talkers House


Reminiscences of stage hits and flops, competitive exchanges of backhanded compliments, delighted descriptions of bad acting — these are among the staples of conversation at The Talk House, an exclusive club run by former actor Wallace Shawn, who now finds his acting career on a downward spiral. Directed by Scott Elliott for New Group Theatre Company and opening February 16 at Pershing Square Signature Center.

What is Talkers House?

Talkers House is a low-power AM radio transmitter designed to help real estate agents or home builders broadcast pre-recorded advertising messages to cars stopped outside the homes they’re selling. It runs on standard 120-volt AC power and can be set up quickly in under ten minutes with easy frequency changes via keypad.

Sojourner features an ensemble cast that includes security guards, bartenders, blue herons, and jackrabbits who tell the tale of desert dwellers searching for truth and escape with both grit and grace. The play deftly explores moral cowardice in an otherwise chaotic world.

What is Sydney Talker?

Sydney Talker, a viral Instagram comedian from Nigeria, has achieved success many aspiring comedians can only dream of. First recognized when he released “The Poor Power Supply” skit in 2016, his facial expressions earned him the moniker Mr Bean of Nigeria; since then, he has released many more such videos as well as collaborated with other notable comics like Nasty Blaq, Broda Shaggi and Okiki Dft as well as founded Bad Mout, an entertainment platform on social media.

Sydney is also a talented dancer, which he has demonstrated through several of his videos. As one of Nigeria’s most sought-after comedy skit artists with an immense following on TikTok and other platforms, his popularity has led to invitations to perform at significant events. Most recently, he performed alongside fellow Instagram viral comedians like Nasty Blaq and Pankeroy at Nigerian singer Teni’s One Africa feast in Dubai.

Sydney remains relatively modest despite his extraordinary success, frequently attributing it to the hard work of his team and not himself. Additionally, he has voiced his desire to continue honing his comedy routines.

Sydney is best known for his comedy skits but is also revered for his exquisite sense of fashion and style. He regularly posts images of his outfits on his Instagram account and even started a clothing line called ‘Syd’s Style.’

Sydney Talker enjoys watching movies and football in his free time, as well as spending time with family and friends. At present, Sydney is single without children of his own.

Sydney Talker has amassed over 3.7 million followers on Instagram alone and can also be found online via YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Sydney Talker was born on October 12th, 1995, and is currently 24 years old. Raised by a single mother after his parents divorced when he was young, Sydney is currently studying computer science at the University of Benin with an interest in videography as a significant focus.

Sydney Talker’s Net Worth

Sydney Talker, a Nigerian comedian and content creator, has amassed wealth through his thriving career in entertainment. At 28 years old, Sydney achieved prominence through comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube that garnered him widespread popularity; fans even nicknamed him Nigerian Mr Bean! In addition to YouTube and Instagram channels, this talented entertainer also operates his own monetized website and hosts concerts across Nigeria.

Talker is also the founder and CEO of Nevile Records, which was launched in January 2022 with artist Khalid as its inaugural signee. Since then, he has signed various endorsement deals – such as with OctaFX cryptocurrency brand; collaborated with notable Nigerian comedians and influencers such as Broda Shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, and Nasty Blaq; his videos often reflect everyday situations that most can relate to.

Funnyman Funso Adebayo uses facial expressions to make his audience laugh and has even been dubbed Nigeria’s Mr Bean due to their amusing nature. Additionally, YouTube star Adebayo often features beautiful ladies in his skits, which sparked speculation that they could be dating each other.

Sydney Talker is said to reside in Lagos State’s Island area, though no details regarding his life have ever been shared online. Rumor has it that Talker owns several luxurious cars, including an up-to-date Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, he is known for being an avid music enthusiast with an impressive record collection.

Talker shared photos of his new car on his Instagram account and was seen driving it around Lagos with Nengi Hampson, sparking reactions online when they showed it off together. Nengi is an influential social media influencer and actress best known for BBNaija: Lockdown, a reality show. Nengi and Talker began dating, and recently, Talker posted a video to Instagram wherein he proposed; Nengi graciously accepted. Talker now lives with her in a mansion in Lagos.

Sydney Talker House Address

Sydney Talker is a Nigerian social media comedian, content creator, and celebrity who rose to prominence through Instagram posts featuring comedy skits. Currently serving as CEO of Nevile Records and founding Bad Mout Comedy Group, Sydney has also made appearances alongside various famous Nollywood actors and actresses in several movies. Sydney stands out from other social media comedians due to his distinct style, which sets him apart.

Sydney first embarked on his comedy career while still at university and utilized his creative ability to produce original and entertaining videos for his followers on Instagram. Now, with over one million followers and constantly posting fresh content, he has amassed an incredible audience and earned himself the nickname of Mr. Bean due to his distinctive facial expression and white towel look. Additionally, he is a highly successful influencer, having secured endorsement deals from many brands.

Sydney may specialize in comedic content creation, but she is also an exceptional actor with great potential as a professional performer. Adaptable and talented in many different areas, Sydney excels at making people laugh while possessing natural public speaking abilities as well as dance abilities that she has demonstrated on multiple occasions.

Zoe becomes concerned when Sydney struggles to keep up with her assignments, which frustrates her sister Sydney. Sydney attempts to deflect criticism by explaining she has become interested in history instead. While she initially tried deflecting it with that argument, Zoe grows increasingly upset with how little time Sydney spends with her sister; eventually, she confesses she has spent investigating Marcus’ golden lily tattoo, which had an indigo sealant applied with an indigo ink pen that has taken most of her free time away.

Sydney’s research leads her to meet an old witch named Inez and discover that indigo ink is imbued with human magic. From this revelation comes her belief that she can use her magic powers to craft herself a new cloak, convincing Zoe of this plan along the way. When on a rescue mission with Zoe and Fletcher, Sydney uses her powers to keep the fire from spreading while helping them escape the re-education facility.