The BBC’s Cricket Coverage


The BBC has been providing coverage of cricket for over a hundred years. It is the world’s leading television provider of free-to-air broadcasts of the game, and has an extensive archive of television shows, games and programs. In addition to its coverage, the BBC has produced numerous books and DVDs, including a complete history of the game. It has also made available a wide range of transcripts of matches, both in the UK and abroad.


The history of British cricket can be traced back to at least the late Saxon or early Norman times, although historians disagree on the origins of the game. However, it is clear that cricket was played at every level of society during this period, and its popularity grew during the eighteenth century.

The earliest recorded games in London took place in the early 1700s. It is thought that the earliest matches were between garrisons and villagers, though they may have been arranged long before that.

The first written laws of the game were not a result of standardized rules but rather an effort to make betting fair. During the middle decades of the nineteenth century, heavy betting on matches dropped off considerably. This was largely due to the decline of the Napoleonic Wars.


A cricket commentator plays a very important role in a live game. Their input will greatly enhance your viewing experience. Some of the best commentators are able to convey a balanced viewpoint. They also provide statistical context.

Cricket commentary has a wide variety of styles. Some are very well-known, while others are not. For example, former England wicketkeeper Matt Prior has been an insightful commentator on Talksport.

However, many commentators don’t have a lot of cricket experience. In this case, their commentary can be frustrating. But, if you are looking for quality commentary, there are plenty of options. You can listen to some of the most popular cricket commentators on the radio or on TV. These include famous players, sports stars, and journalists.


The BBC Sports Personality of the Year award is held every year to celebrate sports superstars. A panel of sports journalists is given the task of recommending a shortlist of contenders. Each of them has to make a claim that is worthy of mention. Typically, they will be judged by the public vote. This may involve local stars, international super stars or simply the best of the best.

It’s no secret that cricketers are well represented in the top three. Michael Steele, Andrew Flintoff and Geoffrey Boycott have all won the award. In fact, eleven cricketers have featured in the top three in the past.

The BBC’s own sports award was introduced in 1954. A panel of thirty sports journalists was chosen to make the recommendations. They also had to consider the impact of the nominees outside of the sport.

Free-to-air coverage

The BBC has announced that it will broadcast live cricket in England again, starting with a match on June 24th. This is the first time that the BBC has shown cricket in over a decade. It follows a deal with Sky Sports, which acquired the exclusive rights to live cricket in 2006.

Cricket has been available on free-to-air television in the UK since 1999, but it has only been on a few occasions. A number of matches have been played live, including the 2005 Ashes series, which was claimed to be one of the most successful series ever played.

While free-to-air coverage was a great boost for the sport, it also had a negative effect. Cricket’s commercial appeal has decreased as audience numbers have dwindled. Despite this, it’s still possible that the BBC can reach more people through free-to-air coverage.