The Most Reliable Over The Range Microwave For Your Home


You have a few options when it comes to finding the most reliable over-the-range microwave for your home. You can try the Samsung WML55011HS, GE JVM3160RFSS, or LG. However, you should be careful to check for proper venting. Inadequate venting can cause your microwave to overheat or even burn. You should also clean the grease filter and charcoal filter monthly.

Whirlpool WML55011HS

This compact over-the-range microwave is great for removing smoke, odor, and moisture from your food. Its low-profile design fits in the same space as an under-cabinet hood and provides 1,000 watts of cooking power.

The Whirlpool WML55011HS is less than 11 inches tall and has a 12-inch-wide turntable. Its 1.1-cu.-ft. The capacity and 400-CFM blower power make it ideal for small kitchens.

This microwave’s door does not require a handle, making it easier to install flush against a wall. It also features touch controls hidden behind the door face, so they’re out of sight when not in use. In addition, it features a 90-hinge door for installation against a wall or full-door opening.


The GE JVM3160RFSS is a popular choice among consumers looking for an over-the-range microwave. It is priced around $290 and features a two-speed fan. It also has a non-stick interior. The GE JVM3160RFSS is available in slate or stainless steel and has two lighting options.

The GE JVM3160RFSS features a 1.6-cubic-foot capacity and easy-to-use controls. It has pre-programmed defrost and cook cycles and a turntable. It also features a two-speed venting system and fresh air. The 1.6-cubic-foot capacity allows you to prepare a large meal easily and store leftovers. You can also use the timed defrost feature, allowing for quicker defrosting.

GE JVM3160RFSS features an oven that is easy to clean and has a non-stick interior. Its cooking sensor is highly accurate and results in evenly cooked food. This microwave has a sleek design, an adjustable fan, and a 400-cfm blower.

The GE JVM3160RFSS has a 1.6-cubic-foot capacity and 1000-watts of power. Its sensor cooking controls automatically adjust the time and power levels for delicious, even cooking. Other features include steam cook buttons and a USDA MyPlate menu with healthy preprogrammed food options.

Choosing the right over-the-range microwave for your kitchen can be challenging. There are so many brands and models to choose from, so it’s important to determine what you need before buying a microwave.


If you’re in the market for an over-the-range microwave, LG makes a great choice. It has a large 2.2 cubic-foot capacity, making it perfect for large families. Its ExtendaVent 2.0 filtration system will help keep odors down while cooking. It also rotates your food, which helps you create an even and flavorful meal.

The LG over-the-range microwave is available in various colors and is very space-saving. It also features a vent that directs air away from the user, which creates a seamless look. The controls are placed at eye level, making them easy to operate. Another feature is the easy-clean interior, which wipes clean in minutes. It also has an Eco-On feature that saves energy by turning off the display when it is not in use.

Another great benefit of an over-the-range microwave is that it saves counter space in the kitchen. People who enjoy cooking know how valuable counter space is. The over-the-range microwave takes up virtually no counter space. Since it sits right above the oven, it takes up a tiny portion of the kitchen’s countertop, allowing you to devote a single portion to other kitchen appliances.

Samsung’s fingerprint-resistant finish

The fingerprint-resistant finish on Samsung’s over-the-range microwave is one of the key features that sets this microwave apart from others. This finish is incorporated into the design of the door and handles. As a result, they blend in well with your other kitchen appliances. Moreover, fingerprints are not easily seen on them, making them easy to clean.

The fingerprint-resistant finish on the over-the-range microwave helps prevent fingerprints from being transferred onto the cooking surfaces. The microwave also has sensor-cooking features, automatically adjusting cooking times and temperature. It also offers a large 1.9-cu.-ft. Capacity, which makes it ideal for cooking a variety of dishes. The fingerprint-resistant finish also helps conserve energy and power.

LG’s sensor cook

The LG LMVH1711ST sensor cook-over-the-range microwave offers an impressive set of features. It’s designed with a streamlined stainless steel body and can preheat, brown, and bake faster than its competitors. It also features a premium stainless steel cavity that conducts heat more effectively than traditionally painted metal ones. In addition, the sensor cook feature allows the microwave to detect the moisture and temperature of the food it’s cooking and automatically adjusts the cooking time based on these measurements.

Whether you’re cooking for one or a family, an LG sensor cook over-the-range microwave will help you make tasty meals and save space in your kitchen. It also offers one-touch settings, convection cooking, and a quiet ventilation system. These features will help you cook your meals quickly while ensuring they’re healthy.

Samsung’s easy clean

Samsung’s easy clean over-the-range microwave is a space-saving addition to any kitchen. Its ice-blue display and intuitive controls make it easy to use, whether you are making a quick breakfast or reheating leftovers. It also features an Eco Mode to reduce energy consumption.

This 1.6 cu. Ft. over-the-range microwave has a stainless steel exterior and is available at Best Buy for about $200. It has a non-stick interior that’s easy to clean. It also has sensors to control the cooking time. It is also able to steam vegetables and fish.