Thredup Box Review


Thredup is similar to StitchFix for secondhand clothing, offering an assortment of clothing and shoe styles in excellent condition at affordable prices. They’re even environmentally friendly!

Thredup offers an excellent alternative for individuals seeking to save money without overspending on clothing while contributing to creating a sustainable fashion industry!

What is Thredup?

Thredup launched an online marketplace for like-new clothing in 2009, quickly becoming the go-to place for like-new clothing sales at affordable prices. Thredup promotes circular fashion economies by offering consumers access to curated selections at fractions of retail costs while helping sellers declutter closets while unlocking value for themselves or charities of their choosing and decreasing waste.

thredUP operates its business on a scalable resale-as-a-service (RaaS) platform designed to address fashion’s environmental impact. They drive traffic through paid and organic marketing channels like search, social media, influencers, TV broadcasting, direct mail distribution programs, and referral programs.

The company offers multiple payout options to consignors who sell items within a set timeframe, including thredUP credit, PayPal with 2.5% transfer fees, and Stripe direct deposits.

How does Thredup work?

thredUP is an online thrift and consignment store that makes it simple and profitable to declutter and make some extra money by accepting women’s and children’s clothes, shoes, accessories, personal care products and select home goods for sale.

Register and send in your Clean Out Kit free of charge; if your items are accepted for listing (roughly 40% of items sent in), they’ll get paid out accordingly; all others are donated or recycled.

Withdraw your funds within 14 days through PayPal or Stripe direct deposit. Any remaining balance becomes site credit that can be spent at thredUP without incurring cash-out fees; additionally, use this site credit on Everlane and Spanx sister brands.

Can I sell my clothes on Thredup?

Thredup provides an easy way to turn gently used clothing into cash while helping reduce fashion waste by reselling donations that have been received while simultaneously decreasing the production of new apparel.

For easier selling of clothing, you can request a Clean Out Bag or shipping label through the website. Return assurance covers any cost of returning items not sold during consignment.

thredUP makes selling easy with their service of photographing and listing items for you. At the same time, other platforms specializing in specific brands like Mercari or Poshmark may provide better returns for a higher-value designer or luxury items. Use thredUP’s estimation tool to estimate how much each item may be worth before selling on these platforms.

Are Thredup’s clothes in good condition?

Thredup offers clothing that appears nearly new, while some items may show signs of wear, such as minor fading or other imperfections. This strategy allows Thredup to keep its profit margins high and reduce storage fees significantly.

However, it should be noted that not all items sold through Thredup are offered this way – some non-like-new but still highly usable pieces can end up in Thredup Rescue Boxes for further reselling.

These boxes can be an attractive option for resellers looking for low-priced inventory to resell for profit or DIYers looking for fabrics and materials for projects, while being unpredictable and unpredictable for consumers who don’t know what will come inside. However, two sellers who spoke to Modern Retail said they wouldn’t use this service again due to long wait times and not knowing what their Clean Out Kits will contain.

Are Thredup’s clothes in good condition for resale?

Thredup may not be your best bet if you’re an eCommerce reseller looking for cheap stock to resell for profit; according to reviews, eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari would likely yield much more significant results.

Thredup may be worthwhile for casual sellers looking to clear their closets and earn extra cash, but remember that your payout likely won’t meet retail value.

Thredup does not wash their used clothing before selling it, meaning you could be wearing someone else’s germs, perfume, or bed bugs (though this is unlikely). If this bothers you, consider shopping at your local consignment shop; otherwise, it’s an effective alternative to mall shopping.