Taylrd Clothing Review


TAYLRD, launched in August with similar brand messaging as Bonobos (which Walmart acquired last month), hopes to draw business away from online retailers that exclude men due to size-specific issues.

Clothing from this company stands out for being fashionable yet comfortable; their Henley long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts make excellent casual wear with premium jeans or chinos.

Chino Pants

Chinos are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, as they can be dressed up for formal events and worn casually on Saturday afternoons. Dickies work pants, or Carhartt Dungarees may be more appropriate in some instances; however, most can be used in various contexts – for example, Everlane offers slim-fit chinos made of four-way stretch fabric, which are wrinkle resistant as well as comfortable during long meetings while remaining breathable and sweat-wicking – perfect for long sessions as well.

Todd Snyder offers chinos that feature all the details in your favorite blue jeans, such as scooped hand pockets and vestigial watch pockets, but in garment-dyed cotton twill. Technical fabric experts developed their Western Rise Evolution chinos, so you can trust them to withstand your morning commute or an active day hiking mountains, with features like an elasticated waistband to prevent them from feeling restrictive.

Henley Shirts

Henley shirts are an excellent casual piece for men. Wear one with jeans and an eye-catching jacket for an enjoyable night out, or pair it with some comfortable joggers when running errands. Plus, they look great under blazers for that upscale street style!

Henleys are available with long or short sleeves, slim or standard fits, and various colors, including stone blue, heather grey, white, and olive. Crafted from cotton loose knit material and pre-shrunk for comfort and confident wearability.

Taylor Clothing Henleys offer the ideal combination of casual elegance and functionality, pairing well with premium jeans or chinos to complete your everyday look. Purchase them online for convenient ordering and quick shipping; their unique flamingo print makes them stand out even further in the crowd – pair these pieces with shoes or boots and be the best-dressed guy at every party!

Premium Jeans

TAYLRD stands out among online direct-to-consumer brands by using nylon and spandex fabrics that mimic denim without creating an irritating sheen or noise when walking. They claim these trousers cost $89 but feel like denim without its brilliance or noise while walking!

TAYLRD makes shopping for men’s wardrobe essentials easier by offering a free shirt with every purchase, which makes shopping much more straightforward. Their team hopes to increase customer growth through an intensive PR and marketing campaign led by Virgo PR, drawing upon existing relationships within fashion and supply-chain industries to foster new connections that could help TAYLRD thrive as their target audience is comprised primarily of young individuals just entering the workforce who require affordable wardrobe-essentials.


Taylor, following in the footsteps of Bonobos’ success, launched on August 1. Like Bonobos, it provides well-fitted clothes with convenient pickup or delivery options while helping men avoid returning trips – something many women do to reduce stress when shopping online.

On its website, Taylor offers detailed information about its fits – standard and slim – while offering free fitting sessions to show customers how their clothing will look. One- and two-day shipping options will soon become available, as well as same-day pickup in specific markets.

Virgo PR assisted TAYLRD in raising awareness about its affordable and accessible fashion line by securing high-quality media placements that would resonate well with its target audience. Furthermore, the firm provided TAYLRD with opportunities to form new relationships that would support its marketing and business efforts while helping improve customer service efforts.