Top 5 Online Chess Games


If you’re looking for an online chess game to play with other players, you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous games to choose from, including Lichess, SparkChess, ChessTempo, and iChess Club. There’s something for everyone – from beginners to experienced chess players – to keep you busy and interested.


Lichess is an open-source chess game engine that allows you to create and play online chess games. Lichess has a user-friendly interface, provides a variety of options, and is compatible with other online chess games. It also offers free game servers that players can use to play with other players.

Lichess is free, open-source software created by independent developer Thibault Duplessis. The game allows you to play chess with a computer AI or with real human opponents in real-time. Lichess also has a wide range of features, including chess puzzles, computer analysis, and multiple chess variants.


SparkChess is a fun, easy-to-play online chess game that has many features to appeal to chess players of all levels. The chess game features a Virtual Chess Coach that explains each move’s consequences. The game also has a large and friendly community and child safety measures that prevent abuse.

The game is available for PC and is free of charge. Players can choose to play against computer opponents or play against other people in multiplayer online challenges. There are no restrictions on the number of players or their skill level, and players can choose any number of boards to play on. The game can be played on any computer with internet access, and there are no downloads necessary.


ChessTempo is a web-based chess game that has a wide range of features. In addition to offering an extensive range of AI games, the site offers training resources and online tournaments. You can also find other members to play against to improve your chess skills and track your performance via statistics. It also has an extensive database of recorded games so that you can improve your game.

In addition to the mobile interface, ChessTempo has a database of over 100 thousand tactical problems to choose from. This includes both winning and defensive problems. You can choose between pre-built sets or create your own. You can also choose from hundreds of different problem types and get instant analytics.

iChess Club

The iChess Club is an exclusive chess club that offers premium benefits to members. These benefits include access to the full range of products, interactive chess courses, and exclusive rates. iChess Club members can also learn from the world’s best chess coaches. These coaches will provide you with full opening repertoires, endgame knowledge, and strategic tips.

iChess Club allows its members to participate in daily tournaments, access lectures by world-renowned GMs, and participate in fun, interactive games. The service has over 25,000 members and more than 110,000 games played every day. There are no membership fees, and members can access chat rooms and engage in interactive discussions with other chess enthusiasts.


The Chessable online chess game uses science-backed learning techniques to help players improve their game. It can help players retain up to 95% of the information they’ve learned. The app also allows you to review moves and review them at a time that suits you. The app also features hundreds of free lessons and content from world-class players.

The Chessable Masters begins on May 19 and will feature the world’s top players. The tournament features a $150,000 prize purse and two qualifying spots for the next Tour Major. The first round-robin round will feature 16 players, with the top eight advancing to the knockout stage. The final matches will take place on May 25 and 26.