Undercover Mama Clothing Review


When pregnant or nursing, finding clothing that is cute and comfortable isn’t always easy. But thankfully, there are companies like Undercover Mama that create clothes that are functional and stylish.

Their shirts and tanks are perfect for lounging around the house while nursing your little one, but they also have longer dresses conducive to nursing!

Undercover Mama

Undercover Mama is a company that has made it its mission to make clothes that are cute and comfortable for nursing babies. They make shirts, tanks, and long dresses designed to help you nurse quickly & conveniently.

This company is all about making nursing easier – and it works! They have nursing shirts in silky soft fabrics in trendy colors and styles. The tops also feature patented super convenient One Hand Nursing Access.

Undercover Mama shirts have two attachment options – a white rubber loop and an S clip that can attach to any bra (whether it’s a nursing bra or not). They have several colors, including black, pink, green, orange, and red.

Nursing Shirts & Tanks

Nursing tank tops are a great way to wear a regular tank and still have easy breastfeeding access. These tanks often come in a clip-down style, making them super convenient at home or on the go.

These types of tanks are also often an excellent option for nursing in public because they’re designed to be a little looser and not look too form-fitting. They can be worn alone or under sweaters and dresses and eliminate the need for a nursing bra.

Another nursing option is a camisole with spaghetti straps and a clip-down bra cup. These camis usually have a built-in bra that offers good support, lifts, and separation.

A few brands offer maternity and nursing tops that can be used during pregnancy or after the baby is born. These styles are made from stretchy fabric that grows with you as your tummy shrinks, and your breasts grow.

Nursing Fringe Dresses

A fringed dress is ideal for those who want to feel stylish during the early postpartum period. It can be worn by itself or with a tank top and accessories, making it a versatile piece in your closet.

This kaftan has a floral hand-block print with lace and gathers at the front. It’s free-flowing and incredibly comfortable during this phase of pregnancy and after the baby is born. It also makes a great transition into your nursing clothes collection, as it has buttons down the front and is easy to wear.

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Longer Nursing Dresses

Longer nursing dresses make it easier to nurse in style while offering extra coverage. Whether you want to help at the beach or for a walk with your baby, a nursing dress is a way to go! Several brands offer nursing-friendly dresses, from casual wear to wedding dresses. Some even have concealed zippers that aren’t too obvious, making them the ideal choice for those who need to feed while on the move.

If you’re looking for a striking breastfeeding dress, look no further than this bamboo lounge dress from Cella & Flo. It boasts a clever hidden panel that makes nursing in the dressing room or on the go a piece of cake, and the top is made from breathable material that will keep you relaxed no matter what. Best of all, it’s also designed for pregnancy and postpartum, so you can wear it for as long as you need to!