What Does an SEO Agency Do?


An effective SEO agency should deliver a spreadsheet outlining keywords, intent, and call to action (CTAs) for every page on your site as a standard deliverable and sign of an experienced team. Select the best seo agency.

Link building is an essential element of SEO, and an agency will identify opportunities to acquire links from reputable directories and sources. They’ll also optimize navigation through your site so search engines can locate content quickly.

Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the critical components of SEO, helping businesses identify keywords people search for when looking for products and services online. Knowing which ones people search for can drive more website visitors while increasing their rank on search engines.

Monitoring competitors’ websites and activities is another essential aspect of SEO, enabling SEO agencies to assess how effectively their strategies are working and adjust accordingly. A quality agency will also provide regular reports on their work’s progress.

Alerts could also be set up to monitor mentions of your brand without links and use these for natural coverage. If your provider doesn’t provide accurate monitoring efforts or meaningful stats, consider looking elsewhere for assistance.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is part of an SEO agency’s service offering and involves changing website content and structure to increase search engine rankings. Agencies also use analytics and keyword-tracking tools to monitor their strategies’ effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

On-page optimization involves agencies looking for ways to use keywords and create informative, valuable content that matches search terms. They may also optimize URLs to correspond with those terms and ensure each page logically connects to its neighbors on the website.

Additionally, they optimize images by adding alt text for enhanced Google crawler understanding of web page content and structure. Finally, they use internal links to spread PageRank across their site while regularly communicating with clients to keep them apprised of progress and activities.

Link building

An SEO agency’s primary function is building links to your website. Search engines view backlinks as evidence that the site is valuable and popular, giving them the confidence to rank it higher on search results pages.

Your SEO agency will use various tactics to gain links, including online PR (publicizing content to earn links) and competitor link research. They may also reach out to websites related to your industry by offering guest posts.

However, it’s essential to recognize that link-building is no longer as effective. Instead, focus on producing valuable content and assets that people will naturally link back to.

Content creation

Content creation is at the core of every SEO company’s work, whether blog posts, infographics, white papers, research and design of ads campaigns, or outreach-based materials. A top agency will have no problem crafting relevant and audience-relevant pieces that help rank for desirable searches on Google.

An SEO company aims to maximize your website’s presence on search engine results pages by employing various techniques and methodologies for optimization. However, some firms use shortcuts or black hat techniques that do not produce desired results, potentially jeopardizing their online visibility and costing money in the long run.


An SEO agency comprises professionals with decades of experience helping companies generate leads through search engine optimization. Their best practices follow Google and other search engines’ algorithms in optimizing a website’s content, internal links, and metadata; simultaneously, tools like Google Analytics and MySEOTool enable them to track results and report back.

SEO strategies require continuous evaluation. Google’s algorithms change frequently, competitors’ marketing activities may impact rankings negatively, and your collateral may need tweaking to be more effective. Good SEO firms will monitor progress using various tools and techniques – even A/B testing to see which version performs better!

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