What to Watch on HBO


For fans of cooking shows, HBO offers a variety of shows. “Cook’s Illustrated” by Selena Gomez features the singer learning to prepare a new dish each week with the help of various guests. It’s a great counterpoint to HBO’s Max shows and has guests like Jamie Oliver and Ayesha Curry.

Alicia Vikander stars in HBO’s “The Vampires.”

HBO has greenlit a new limited series featuring Alicia Vikander as a lost actress. The series is a remake of the classic French silent film, “The Vampires,” and the actress will play Mira. Olivier Assayas directs the film. The series will feature a large ensemble supporting cast.

In “The Vampires,” Alicia Vikander plays actress Mira Harberg, who arrives in Paris to remake the infamous crime serial Les Vampires. Vidal is an eccentric, popular artist who is prone to violent outbursts. The miniseries follows the difficulties in mounting the new version of the film. It combines vintage serial footage with new footage to create a more complex and beautifully filmed version of the story.

Larry David’s “Hacks” is a dramedy.

“Hacks” is a critically acclaimed HBO comedy series about a female stand-up comedian and her relationship with her comedy writer. It has won multiple Primetime Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series. Season one was so popular that a second season had been ordered.

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While Larry David is undecided on whether he’ll return for another season of his acclaimed Curb Your Enthusiasm, he is currently at the Television Critics Association summer press tour to pitch his HBO telepic Clear History. David was greeted with big laughs when answering questions about the upcoming drama, which follows a man who quits his start-up, misses out on billions of dollars, and finds himself in a world of trouble.

The Outsider is a supernatural crime drama.

The Outsider is a 10-part mini-series that premieres on HBO on Jan. 12. The mini-series is directed by Jason Bateman and written by Richard Price. It’s a tense supernatural crime drama that reimagines Stephen King’s novel. However, it also veers away from the schlock horror that plagues many other high-profile adaptations.

Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel of the same name, “The Outsider” puts a monstrous spin on traditional murder fiction. The show’s main character is police detective Ralph Anderson, played by Ben Mendelsohn. He’s suspected of killing an 11-year-old boy but swears his innocence. He claims to have been out of town for a conference when the crime occurred and that supernatural forces are at work.

The show begins with the murder of a young boy. The series then follows the family and the subsequent eerie events. Glory (Julianne Nicholson) is a single mother and angry wife. The murder of a young boy is the catalyst for a series of eerie events. Amid the chaos, Glory’s youngest daughter suffers from visions of a mysterious outside force. She keeps seeing blurred faces at night. Throughout the series, many shots are framed from a distance or at odd angles.

The Outsider is a fictional character based on a novel by Stephen King. Like Pennywise from IT, he feeds on the sadness of others. He also can shape-shift, and he uses this ability to kill children.