Cake Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Monginis Cake Shop in Kolkata has become synonymous with birthdays and other celebrations – their delicious cakes add the perfect finishing touch!

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Monginis is one of the premier cake shops in Kolkata that provides delectable vegetarian and non-veg cakes at reasonable prices. Additionally, their bakery sells other treats like puff pastry, burgers, and mini pizza. Plus their friendly and helpful staff is sure to satisfy all their customers!

This confectionary shop in Kolkata boasts outstanding customer satisfaction, drawing in visitors from far and wide for delicious food and sweets. The atmosphere here is quite tranquil – almost as though you were relaxing in your own home!

Cakes here are made with fresh ingredients, and their sweets are hygienic and tasty at reasonable prices. There’s a wide variety of cakes at this shop near JSR HWRH Bridge; make this bakery part of your day’s routine, or celebrate any special occasion by stopping in!

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Monginis offers delicious pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth craving or introduce new tastes into your life, ranging from decadent brownies to traditional chicken tikka rolls – and don’t forget they can even deliver right to your door!

Monginis Cake Shop in Kolkata boasts an exceptional customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 and is open all seven days of the week.

This store is conveniently located near Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station and New Alipore railway station, making it easily accessible via bus or taxi from nearby stops. Customers can also utilize English-speaking staff members, making this a friendly environment perfect for families or couples. Reasonably priced food tastes delicious; every foodie must visit this incredible venue! It should not be missed!


Monginis is an international bakery chain with locations across India and Egypt, offering sweets, cakes, breads, and other bakery items such as western-style snacks like samosas puffs and cutlets, as well as catering and takeout services – its dessert menu alone has over 30 gateaux!

Monginis near me in Kolkata offers a delicious variety of foods to meet every type of cuisine craving, making their signature cake or chicken tikkas essential to celebrations or parties in Kolkata.

With more than 80 dishes to choose from and known for its exceptional service, this restaurant has something for everyone! If you want convenience or are simply curious, place your order online from home or office and have it delivered right to you – saving time and energy! Please remember that their menu can change at times; to be safe, we advise calling them directly beforehand to confirm what to order if any specific dish or dietary restriction needs to apply to you.


Monginis Bakery is renowned for its delicious dessert selections and range of Indian and Western savories such as samosas, puffs, and cutlets. Their stores cater to takeaway customers and dine-in guests; there is even an extensive line of diabetic products for special events! Plus, over 1,000 franchises exist across India and Egypt!

Families will love this spot for some quality family time together. The food is delicious, the prices are fair, and the service is exceptional. Unfortunately, however, the restaurant can get noisy.

If you grew up during the 90s, Monginis cake is integral to every birthday or party celebration. Every bite transports us back to those nostalgic days when every special event meant one Mon-er-finish. No wonder Monginis Bakery remains popular across Kolkata and its suburbs, with each store carrying its distinct flavor!

This store’s signature dish is Bengali milk chaat. Additionally, they serve various kinds of ice cream and sweets – jaggery ice cream and mango ice cream, among others – and delicious-looking savories such as chicken tikka and kachori.

Monginis Cake Shop of Ashokegarh boasts an average customer rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, offering online ordering and delivery service to the area surrounding Shyambazaar metro station and Bagh Bazar railway station, respectively.

If you want to surprise someone special, Winni offers same-day online cake delivery that will bring joy. Now is the time to order Monginis cakes, which may provide comfort when life gets hard! Don’t wait: give someone else’s spirits a boost now with something sweet!